Saturday, 5 July 2014

Lip Product Addict TAG + EXTRAS!

1. Favourite balm/treatment?
Make Up Store Aroma Balm for overnight treatment.

This is so good because of the jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and shea butter.

Hurraw lip balm - best ever. Like totally. I got it from Watsons this year, it should be a newly imported product.

fresh SUGAR lip balm - best tinted lip balm.
Buy during Christmas when they offer the mini sizes in cute packaging. This way, you get to try all the colours without breaking the bank.

For the more affordable alternatives, I will go for Maybelline Baby Lips.
I have one in every bag, because it is so wallet-friendly, and you really wouldn't mind losing one, yet the quality is good enough to quickly save your lips.

I try to go for organic lip balms as much as possible because I tend to swallow my lip balms quite a lot. So these are my organic picks -
Mentholatum and Maybelline Organic.

For fun and flavour, I really, really love the Lip Smacker fizzy drink collection. The one I have here is Vanilla Coke. It tastes exactly like Vanilla Coke, which is my favourite fizzy drink of all time.

2. Best eye-catching red?

Love Guerlain #861 Madame Flirte. But this was a limited edition lipstick.

I also love Maybelline Colour Sensational in Red Porcelain. This is another limited edition.

So I am going to recommend another favourite - Maybelline Colour Sensational in Red Revival.

Both Red Porcelain and Red Revival are shown below.

Red Porcelain is on the left, and Red Revival (permanent) is on the right.

Swatches of my red lipsticks:
From left to right, Guerlain Rouge G in #861 Madame Flirte, Maybelline Colour Sensational in Red Porcelain, and Red Revival.

I do prefer Red Porcelain over Red Revival because it is orange tone. But if you have cool skin, you will definitely prefer Red Revival because it is a classic blue-based red.

3. Best luxury and best drugstore?
If I were to choose one colour only, for luxury, that would be Rouge Bunny Rouge in Whim of Mine.

For the same colour, but in drugstore brand, that would be L'oreal Colour Riche in Rosebud. Rosebud is an exact dupe of Rouge Bunny Rouge Whim of Mine.

On the left, Rouge Bunny Rouge in Whim of Mine. On the right, L'oreal Colour Riche in Rosebud. I have an entire post on this here. =)

In this category, I enjoy Guerlain Rouge G, Dior Addict Extreme, and Marc Jacobs too.

My favourite shades from these lines are swatched below, and they are Dior Addict Extreme in Holiday (pink on the right), and Marc Jacobs in Understudy (dusty coral on the left).

4. Best MAC lipstick?
Ever Hip, that is limited edition. So Crosswires that is permanent.

5. The most disappointing?
Tom Ford. 'nuff said.

If you really are interested in why I dislike Tom Ford lipstick so much, I have a post on it here. =)
6. Liner - yes or no?
No, not on a daily basis.

Totally yes on special occasions. I never skip liner for these because it works. I am on Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Lip Pencil in Illegal.

And this is the swatch of the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Lip Pencil in Illegal, the line right in the centre of the photo.

That bright coral on top is Tom Ford Lipstick in True Coral.

7. Lip Brush - yes or no?
No, not on a daily basis.

But absolutely yes when it comes to very pigmented and dark colours, like reds and berries, and on special occasions.

My favourite lip brush is from Sasa, the pink Sasatinnie line, and I blogged about it here.

8. Best gloss?
YSL Gloss Volupte.
My favourite shade is #4 Fuchsia Vermeil (Golden). I also blogged about this before.

The one on top is Fuchsia Vermeil, and the one below is #102 Rose Satine (Iridescent).

In the photo on top, the swatch on the left is #4 Fuchsia Vermeil, and the one on the right is #102 Rose Satine.

I also really like Dior Addict Extreme glosses. One of my favourite shades is a hot pink, from the Summer Collection 2012.

There are many good enough ones from the drugstore. Though they are not the best for me, but I do like the e.l.f Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF15, SilkyGirl glosses, and Revlon Super Lustrous. Unfortunately, the new Revlon Super Lustrous really is not as good as the old ones in square tubes.

From left, Dior Addict Extreme Gloss, Elianto, and SilkyGirl.

These are the shades from e.l.f that I have. I need to buy these over eBay, so I only have three.

These are the swatches for e.l.f. They are SUPER pigmented, and the gloss is really high till it makes my lips pop a lot!

9. Finish - Matte or others?
But for matte finish, I am fond of Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte.

My favourite shade is M BG 944, that I've blogged about here, and the swatch of it is below.

10. Something extra!
Lip stains Liole, Innisfree Tint Balm, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains original, Revlon Lip Butters. Those stuffs that are halfway in between lipstick and lipgloss, I love them all!

This is the Innisfree Tint Balm. It actually provides more of a sheer stain than the protection of a balm, so I didn't consider this under lip balm.

These are the Revlon products that I love - lip butters in Macaron and Tutti Frutti, and also kissable balm stains in Lovesick, Honey, and Rendezvous.

And here are the swatches, from left to right, Lip Butter in Macaron, Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti, Balm Stain in Lovesick, Balm Stain in Honey, Balm Stain in Rendezvous.

And last but not least, new age products, like the ElishaCoy temperature-changing balm lipstick, Innisfree Eco Camellia Tint (lip and cheek stain), and Innisfree Lip Concealer.

Swatches below, from top to bottom, Innisfree Eco Camellia Tint, ElishaCoy temperature-changing balm lipstick, and Innisfree Lip Concealer.

That's all! That's a lot of products for one blogpost. Haha! But I hope you've enjoy.

Below is the summery showing all the swatches of all the products featured here.

From left to right, ElishaCoy, Innisfree, Revlon Rendezvous, Revlon Honey, Revlon Lovesick, Revlon Tutti Frutti, Revlon Macaron, Shu Uemura M BG 944, e.l.f, e.l.f, and e.l.f.

Top row Left to Right, Guerlain Rouge G Madame Flirte, Maybelline Colour Sensational Red Porcelain, Maybelline Colour Sensational Red Revival, Rouge Bunny Rouge in Whim of Mine, L'oreal Colour Riche in Rosebud, Marc Jacobs in Understudy, Dior Addict Extreme in Holiday.
Bottom row Left to Right, M.A.C Cremesheen LE in Ever Hip, M.A.C Cremesheen Permanent in Crosswires, Tom Ford in #09 True Coral, Urban Decay 24/7 Lip Pencil in Illegal, YSL Gloss Volupte in #4 Fuchsia Vermeil, YSL Gloss Volupte in #102 Rose Satine, Dior Addict Extreme Gloss, Elianto Gloss, SilkyGirl Gloss.
Looks like I have a healthy appetite for all families of colours, from nudes, neutrals, to pinks, reds and orange! Nice.

Are you a lip product addict? If you are, you're tagged to do this! Put the link to your video or blog post in the comments box below.

If you have read through and lasted till this line, you're tagged too!

Thank you and see you around!

1. Favourite balm/treatment?
2. Best eye-catching red?
3. Best luxury and best drugstore?
4. Best MAC lipstick?
5. The most disappointing?
6. Liner - yes or no?
7. Lip Brush - yes or no?

8. Best gloss?
9. Finish - Matte or others?
10. Something extra!


inez said...

an ex-classmate here! -waves- but i've actually been lurking on this blog for the past year or so :X lipstick is my biggest makeup vice so i was quite excited to see this entry. my preference is for bold mattes (lip tars make up the majority of my collection, and i actually own ruby woo) so maybe i'll try the shu uemura lipstick in the future! :D but for everyday i end up using revlon's Rendezvous. do you like rouge bunny rouge more than your guerlain lipsticks?

Joey Anna said...

Oh Wow, Hi! We need to hang out!! Makeup FTW! And wow, bold mattes. I steer clear of those even though so many people have told me I can wear reds and bold colours.

Do you do Candy Yum Yum? I don't own any true reds from M.A.C, although I was so tempted to get Riri Woo (because of the packaging).

Funny how we end up with Revlon for everyday. Nowadays, I only grab the Revlon Balm Stain or Revlon Lip Butters.

Hmmm… RBR vs Guerlain is too close to call. I would like to have RBR's long-lasting quality, healing quality, and general texture/feel on the lips, combined with the iridescent/multi-dimension look of Guerlain, in the Guerlain packaging.

Joey Anna said...

Oh yes, and you need to try Shu Uemura's Rouge Unlimited matte range.

I just found out that the colour I featured (944) is in their permanent range, and it is the Top 3 colours in their matte range.

inez said...

i did want candy yum yum at one point, so i bought the lip tar in Nylon :\ needless to say, it's the lipstick i wear least often! fortunately, i can also make it less blue and neon by mixing it with my other lip tars.

this experience doesn't stop me from hankering after things like mac's Heroine however...

eh, in the end the lipsticks we use every day are the ones that can be applied in a moving car or elevator =_=

Joey Anna said...

haha, yes. that's why i enjoy the revlon lip butters and balm stains so much. they are just so easy to use.

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