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Best of Beauty 2013 - Top 15 Positively Nice Picks!

Happy New Year!

I love this part of the year when it comes to beauty blogging, because that means there will be an awards ceremony, and a whole new year of beauty goodies to look forward to!

This time round, I am going to do the awards in no particular order, with no limit to the number of products. I will try to categorise them for the sake of easy-reading. Let's dive!

Best Brand (New Find) - Illamasqua
Highlight of the Brand: Blushes, in particular the duo in Lover and Hussy.

I was alerted by Dustin (on Youtube) around August 2012, that Illamasqua.com does international free shipping frequently. I bought my first set of makeup from them, fell in love, and kept going for more. I have since amassed a little stash of Illamasqua goodies, all the way from eyelashes, nail polishes, to blushes and eyeshadows.

I did not have the time to blog much about these amazing finds, but I have been secretly enjoying this brand until now. Nevertheless, it is just in time for my readers in Singapore because Illamasqua has landed in here on December 14, at Robinsons (in the old The Heeren building along Orchard Road).

I have put off buying the Illamasqua Skin Base because I could not quite find my shade despite endless research. So my aim for 2014 is to go right down to the Illamasqua counter and get matched!

Best Cleanser - Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser
Tried, tested, proven time and time again by people all over the world, the Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser lives up to the hype, and is as it claims on the bottle - it removes makeup and yet is so gentle.

I have a full-size bottle of it, and a couple more deluxe size samples and will definitely finish them all! This makes a great gift for both men and women, young and old.

Best Beauty Box - StyleXStyle.com Little Black Beauty Box
The Little Black Beauty Box is incredibly well-designed and beautifully packaged. Its contents never fail to wow me.

And yes, I officially unsubscribed from the Bellabox. =DDDDD It is so liberating!

Best Eyeshadow Single and Best Crease Colour - Burberry #10 Antique Rose
The Burberry Antique Rose is by far my favourite of favourites for creating depth in the outer corners of my eye. Antique Rose is a muted burgundy that suits medium skin tone very well. The fact that it is muted makes it ideal for everyday use.

2014 will be the third consecutive year I am using this eyeshadow for my everyday look.

Best Brand (Skincare) - Ole Henriksen
None of the products have failed me. I especially love their Cucumber Toner, the sensitive skin night cream, the New Beginning Scrub and Black Berry Enzyme Mask. The last two are must-tries.

Best Eyeshadow Palette (Drugstore) - Revlon ColourStay 12 Hour in #20 Sunrise Sunset
I brought the Sunrise Sunset palette to my holiday in Boracay, Philippines. LOVE it.

Best Eyelash Curler - NARS
The NARS eyelash curler is so good that I risked losing it and brought it for both my year-end holidays to Japan and Boracay, Philippines!!

I just like the fact that NARS is actually far more accessible than Canmake, in that if I lose my NARS curler, I can go to Orchard anytime and grab a new one. I have a peace of mind when I use NARS, but I worry about losing or breaking the Canmake one because it is not easy to find. So yes, while I still think Canmake is a perfect dupe for NARS, the NARS curler has usurped the throne and taken #1 place in my heart.

Best Scent - Yankee Candle in Sparkling Pine (limited edition Christmas 2012)
What can I say? Yankee candles are arguably the best in the world for its price, its availability, and its ability to keep delivering unique and alluring scents within budget.

I love Sparkling Pine because it does smell of Christmas. So if you buy more of the festive candles, you could actually keep your room smelling festive all through the year!

Yankee candles can be bought at Takashimaya, and they now have a huge store at Jurong East Mall (JEM).

Best Brand (Brushes) - Real Techniques
It has got to be Real Techniques by the pixiwoo sisters, Samantha and Nicole Chapman. If you read my blog regularly, you must be really sick of me mentioning RT by now. But I make no apologies for that because this brand is just that good!

Highlight of this year: RT Stippling Brush

RT Blush Brush squeezed into my Top 12 of 2012 because I just started using RT brushes then. Through the course of 2013, I went through at least a dozen RT brushes and I must again admit that I have been secretly enjoying them (not posting but using daily).

I do also like a couple of the gold handle ones like the Buffing Brush and the Expert Face Brush.

Best Concealer - Sonia Kashuk #7 Hidden Agenda Palette
The Hidden Agenda Palette is definitely a staple in my daily routine now. The only warning that I must bring up is the fact that the setting powder IS a brightening powder that will FLASHBACK in photographs. It is prefect for brow and inner corner highlights, and of course also to brighten and set the under eye dark circles. It works like magic, but just NOT FOR FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY (clubbing, wedding, school reunion, etc). Normal daylight outing photography is fine.

Best Lipstick - Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte
I discovered the Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte formula late in 2013, and feel like hitting myself on the head for not finding this earlier.

If you have this brand in your country, go and get it!

Best Mascara - Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express
The Rocket is my current everyday go-to after I emptied the Essence Multi Action False Lashes one. I like everything about The Rocket, from packaging, to brush shape, bristles, formula and price.

Nothing really beats another wallet-friendly beauty find!

Best Makeup Remover - Sephora Soothing Cleansing Milk
I love the gentleness of the Sephora Soothing Cleansing Milk, despite how effective it is at actually removing all makeup.

It does not remove the infamous Majolica Majorca mascara though. You still need an oil makeup remover or a bi-phase eye makeup remover for it.

I find this to be something like Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser, in the sense that you can use it for both simple morning cleansing or for removing makeup.

Best Nail Polish - Dior le vernis in #643 Diablotine
I have painted and repainted my nails this red quite many times after I got this. Diablotine is the perfect red for all festive seasons.

Best Haul - Inglot
The post says it all. Definitely the best haul I made this year in terms of number of all-new products bought.

I actually went back to Inglot, Johor again before mid-autumn festival and picked out quite many things for a second haul. But I was caught by surprise that I can't pay with my card because Singapore has tightened card security. So for Singaporeans who intend to buy in Malaysia with your card for the first time, you need to call your bank or use online banking to apply for "license" to use your card overseas before you go off.

That's all. May you have a blessed New Year, with great love especially from family and friends.

Are any of your favourites for 2013 the same as mine? If not, what is on your list? Comment below. You may use my list and modify. =D

Best Brand (New Find)
Best Cleanser
Best Beauty Box
Best Eyeshadow Single and/or Crease Colour
Best Brand (Skincare)
Best Eyeshadow Palette (High End/ Drugstore)
Best Eyelash Curler
Best Scent (Perfume/Candles/Oils/Soap)
Best Brand (Brushes)
Best Concealer 
Best Lipstick
Best Mascara
Best Makeup Remover
Best Nail Polish
Best Haul


ellie said...

I want to try out the Purity cleanser...why oh why is it not available here?

Joey Anna said...

It is not available in Sephora Malaysia? Philosophy is carried by Sephora worldwide… ...

Autumn said...

Happy New Year! Love your picks and I must get myself at least 1 RT brush. LOL. I have never seen the Revlon eye palette in Malaysia. Strange though. Is the Mabelline Rocket really better than Maybelline Falsies?


Joey Anna said...

Hi Autumn! Haha, slowly does it for the RT brush.

The Revlon eye palette is probably discontinued. These drugstore brands are always like that - they will make something, spend loads on advertisement, then replace the product the next day. Same goes for their foundations and mascara, it is really either you picked it up when it was out, or you don't get it.

But one thing to take heart in is that the newer the products, the better. The new eye palettes definitely have better quality eyeshadows.

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