Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Daiso Tea Pack [100 sheets]

In my post about drinking tea for general health, I mentioned the disposable tea bags from Daiso. In this post, I am going to be officially reviewing them.

Daiso Tea Pack [100 sheets]

Available: Daiso, cooking section, $2.

Volume: 100 sheets.

Star Properties: Effective and disposable.

Instructions as shown below:

These tea filter bags come nicely packed in clear plastic. I like how simple it is.

The whole idea revolves around just one sheet of filter paper-cloth that is sealed along the sides, so you open it on one side to put the tea in.

In the picture below, I am showing the flap that you are supposed to roll over to cover/seal the tea leaves.

Then you can open one side of the tea bag, and in here (picture below), you will put the tea leaves in.

And it should look like this. (I think this was coffee powder that I put.)

And you turn the flap over to seal it.

Pop it into your cup.

And pour hot water.

In this one below, I used tea leaves.

So as you can see, this tea bag can be used for coffee powder as well! No more messy powder.

I also use this for flower teas.

At 2 cents per tea bag, this thing is simply awesome! It helps me to save so much time, because now, I don't have to scrap and dig remnants of my tea. Simply throw this bag away, and water-rinse my cup. Perfect.

Highly recommended! 6/5.
This is one of those things from Daiso that I will keep repurchasing.
Do you drink tea/coffee made from loose tea leaves/coffee powder? What is your preferred method of filtering out the remnants?


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