Sunday, 7 July 2013

Daiso Wet Tissues In Cans!

Time for some cheap tricks!

If you use wet tissues, this is for you.

Daiso Wet Tissues In Cans

Available: Daiso, $2.

Volume: 30 sheets.

Star Properties: Cute, convenient, and good!

Some specifications and pictorial instructions in photo below:
Basically, you just pull open the can tab, and pull out the tissue!

Packaging and Dispense
LOVE IT! I bought it because I really liked the idea of a can.

I like how they make it look like real coffee too.

It is also really small, and fit snugly into my hands, as seen below.

I bought this for two purposes,
i) to put by my desk, so that I use the wet tissues to clean off makeup when I am testing.
ii) to put in my bag, for cleaning hands and smudged makeup, because it is so compact.

So how did it fare?
It really took off most of the makeup that I have tested. And I do find it effective at cleaning my hands, although it is not as strong as Dettol Hand Sanitizer.

For the price of $2, and the really cute packaging, I think it did a reasonably good job!

Dry Up
It does dry up after a few months although the can looks closed. But I think the drying up is normal, because I have used many tissue packet type of wet wipes before, and they basically all dry up faster than I can finish using.

Will I repurchase?
Yes. This is too cute to resist.

Rating: 3.5/5
I think it does really good for the price, and the cute packaging is an added perk. It is not a must-buy though, and I will not recommend it if your key intention of getting wet tissues is for hard core cleaning. This is more for people who like pretty stuff in the bag, that is affordable.


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