Thursday, 13 December 2012

Bellabox Singapore December and November

Here goes!

December! See that snowflake?

The list of products which I normally don't look at first when I unpack because I prefer getting surprised by what's inside.

I was dismayed when I saw the Bella card, because I know it can't be something too good since Bella is a slimming company in my impression, so any product is going to be ultra expensive.

And then I saw Organix Moroccan Argan Oil and I was even more disappointed because I don't like Organix shampoo and conditioner.

This is just oil though, kind of like a serum.

True to my impression, this oil is just filled with silicones. =(

B-liv. I don't know what's this and I don't feel like finding out. Haha, because my impression of the brand is just not too good. I guess I don't like the way it advertises.

But there is always a silver lining to the cloud, and I think the next few items can be quite impressive!

The Bellabox horsehair brush feels good, similar to my Lunasol  squirrel hair brush.

And the Cyber Colours Auto Eyebrow Pen reminds me of Dior's retractable eyeliner pencil!

It is grey, which is my shade, since I have black hair. I cannot stand brands that make only black, brown and maroon brow pencils because two shades lighter than black is grey, and true brown pencils just do not work with black hair. I like using taupe grey, brownish grey pencils though.

And there is a MeMeMe product! I've only heard of this brand from Pixiwoo, but haven't seen anyone else talking about it. So yes, I am excited to try this product.

I tested it quickly, and it looks not too bad.

Here comes the November box!

I am so late doing this because I took my vacation right at the time the box came, so I simply opened it and left it aside. But, better late than never!

The theme is Bliss.

I was pleasantly surprised to see this, because the formula for the Super Dolly Powerful Curling Mascara is amazing, and in fact, Sasa mascara is my holy grail! My curling one is drying up after 2 years, and I am just thinking of binning it, when Bellabox came around and say, hey, I am giving you a new one!

This is not the exact same thing though because it is just for volume and length, no curling. So I don't know how it would measure up. But still, I am elated!

Not a bad one! I like L'oreal's hair repair products, especially that orange serum, the anti-frizz shampoo, but I have never tried any of their Professional line products. So this is a good chance to try out.

It is filled with silicones too though.

November Bellabox was filled with a smell. And it comes from this bar soap!

JF Acne Relief looks like for oily skin.

They say sulfur is good.

But the ingredients look friendly enough for dry sensitive skin.

New L'oreal Mythic Oil.

Necklace in a design that is not my style. I will never wear this.

And a sheet mask! I could use this.

Overall, I am disappointed with the December box but the November box is not too bad. Probably because of the mascara. Hehe.

Hope you've enjoyed this, thank you for reading!


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