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Not So Beautiful Beginnings: Make Up Store Dual Foundation in London

I really hate to post about products that have failed me. But I reckon I'd talk more about Make Up Store someday, just because it is my very, very, very first makeup.

I have actually done a couple of posts on Make Up Store's products, such as the following,
(i) Lipstick in Poppy, and
(ii)Aroma Balm.
So if you do want to step into a Make Up Store outlet, don't forget to checkout my reviews. =)

Okay, so today's post is about one makeup's most basic item - foundation.

***Grab a drink and sit back because this is a long, story-filled post.***

In my time, there was no such thing as BB cream. So the SA recommended me a foundation.
In my time, there was also no such thing as mineral makeup. Mineral makeup only got red hot about half a year after I bought all these stuff from Make Up Store.

Dual Foundation in London

Available: Make Up Store outlets. More than $30 I guess.

Volume: 9 g.

Star Properties: Can be used both dry and wet.

Ingredients: As in photo below.

In my time, makeup knowledge was very exclusive to makeup artists. Unless you spend a lot on makeup books (there were few makeup magazines, no such thing as Taiwan Nu Ren Wo Zui Da or Korean magazines), or you spend a lot to go to a makeup school, you'd know very minimal about makeup, much less about makeup/skincare ingredients.

At the time, even counter brands do not offer makeup tutorials so freely, unlike today, Dior actually has a sort of academy in Singapore, and Make Up For Ever has huge in-store academy in every Sephora store here.

Internet knowledge about makeup and its ingredients were also minimal. Forums like Cozycot and Flowerpod, etc, didn't exist.

(haha, now you know how old I am.)

It was a time that I bought based on advertisements and what looked nice to me.

I really love the name Make Up Store. It's so straightforward, like Make Up For Ever. I like these kind of names, no frills, no guessing. I also like the way the shop looks, it's very similar to M.A.C. In fact, many items have that M.A.C feels to it, including this Dual Foundation.

Most importantly, at that time, Make Up Store just opened in Singapore, there was big half page interview with the founder, and I liked what I read, the philosophy behind the store. So I visited the store, asked the SA to give me an on-the-spot makeover, asked the SA to recommend me a full set of makeup, and a makeup remover milk, and I bought!

I remember that was $500++ gone just like that, for my first set of makeup.

The reason why I didn't try to find my own stuff from the drugstore was because I didn't know where to start. I didn't know how to apply, what to put on first, etc. I didn't know anything.

The good thing about starting out from a proper makeup store, think M.A.C, Bobbi Brown, is that the SA will teach you the basics. Till now, I still remember my basics very well. Much better than trying to grapple around in the drugstore and going home lost, not knowing how and where to start.

I was immensely satisfied with my purchase then, thinking all I got are very good quality makeup that can last me forever. I really love the packaging of this Dual Foundation, and I still do, which explains why I refuse to throw it away after so many years of never touching it.

I just like the way it opens, with a push button in front, you open up the clamshell to find a beautiful sponge! Too pretty.

This sponge has the M for Make Up Store printed on it. It's yellowish now due to age, but still pretty. And the quality of the sponge is very good.

I used to the idea of applying foundation with a sponge because that's what my mother does. My mother has this blue compact Covergirl compact from the 1990s that she'd open everyday. She would puff some of those powder on to mattify the skin (she has oily skin). And she went through those compacts really fast, so she has a few of the compacts with empty pans that she'd just keep to use the mirror. Due to this, one of my weirdest makeup goals is actually to hit pan on a compact powder, and use the compact as a mirror.

haha, and so, I actually managed to hit pan on this.

But I was really forcing myself to use this, because just a week or two into using Make Up Store's products, I broke out very badly.

I was not only using this Dual Foundation, but I was also using their milk cleanser, moisturiser, eye cream, primer, and blusher.

I also use eye and lip brush, one eyeshadow and a lipstick, but I don't think these has got anything to do with my breakout.

Anyway, I stopped using all of these product except for the brushes and eyeshadow immediately after breakout, and left all the products there for very long.

Later in that year (2007), makeup knowledge suddenly exploded. For those who watched Michelle Phan and MissChievous from the beginning, I am sure you know what I mean. In my bid to re-enter makeup after the bad experience with Make Up Store, I watched a lot of Youtube and read up at forums and blogs. I was hungry for an answer to my experience.

Very quickly, I found out that I broke out from my makeup because they contain way too much silicones. I am also slightly sensitive to mica. Also, my cheeks particularly, broke out from my blusher because I am allergic to bismuth oxide.

In 2008, I used a few more products like Nivea Creme, and some cleansers, and I itch almost immediately. Soon, I also found out I cannot stand petrolatum/mineral oil and sodium laureth sulfate, which are the main ingredients in my Make Up Store moisturiser and cleanser respectively.

Alright, so I will keep the story about the moisturiser and cleanser for another post, and focus on silicones in this foundation.

If you refer back to the ingredients list, you will see that the first four ingredients are talc, mica, dimethicones and silica. Of these, silica is pretty much pure silicone. In other words, I was quite literally, poisoning my skin. It's like you're allergic to peanuts, and you eat peanuts, only slightly better because skin allergies seldom result in immediate seizures, unlike food allergies.

However, the silicones mean that this powder is heavenly. It's the smoothest and lightest thing I've touched. It's very fine. Definitely far above drugstore powder foundations, and comparable with M.A.C.

It's such a dream to touch that I kind of can't help touching it, and playing with it until I hit pan on it. LOL.

However, the coverage is really very sheer. Below is a photo of a scar on my hand that I tried to cover with the Dual Foundation. It does look that slight bit cake because I wanted to test if this is build-able to achieve full coverage, so what you see is something like more than five layers of foundation. I really piled it on, but to no avail.

You can also see that London is a very suitable colour if you're NC23-25 like me. They always say that the inner part of your forearm that is not tanned is more or less the colour of your neck that you want to match. 

I actually took quite long to learn that the back of the palm is not good for testing foundations/BB creams because it's much more tanned than the face and neck. The back of my palm is probably something like NC30. 

So that's more or less the review. For a quick summary,
- the packaging is gorgeous and something that I really want to keep forever,
- the texture is awesome,
- the finish is incredibly light and seamless,
- it can be used both dry and wet,
- but the coverage is very sheer,
- and the ingredients simply make this not suitable for everyone. You've got to be careful if you have sensitive skin.

I will be objective and give this product a 3/5.
I deduct so many points because I feel that this is way too sheer for majority of the population. There is one thing that skin is not, and it is not perfect. It would be much better if this had at least light coverage and can be built to medium.

If I want to be subjective, I will definitely just give a 1/5 to stand for un-buyable. haha, because that is what it is for me. I will not repurchase because this thing makes me break out, and this, essentially, is the reason I abstain from all forms of foundation until now.

I have been only using sunscreen and setting it with mica-free and silicone-free loose powder for years, not because my skin is perfect and I never need foundation, but because I can't use foundation. I guess, this has also saved me a lot of money because while girls the world over go after the perfect foundation, from Chanel Vita/Aqualumiere, to Dior Nudeskin, to Giorgio Armani Maestro, NARS Sheer Glow, Urban Decay Naked, Revlon ColourStay, I simply stay away.

BB cream is my saviour though, and I am lucky to find the perfect BB cream in Dr. Jart at first try, so I never found the need to test every brand. BB creams, especially those with SPF, tend to have titanium dioxide as the more main ingredient than dimethicone. I always go for those because I realise that if I go easy on the dimethicone, my skin can still take it.

The most troublesome thing about having sensitive skin is that I must always bug the SA to show me the box package that a product comes in. 80% of the SAs are very unwilling because this is extra trouble, so I pretty much get stares and eye-rolls all the time. They will think I am trying to be funny and make life difficult, or that I am just too fussy/picky. T_T

PS: I am not sure if this Dual Foundation still has the same ingredients, because my item was bought donkey years ago. But if you do step into Make Up Store and want to purchase anything, remember to check the ingredients if you know you are allergic.

What is your very, very first makeup item bought? Did you like it? Do you have trouble with makeup ingredients as well? If yes, what is one brand that you steer clear of?

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