Friday, 12 October 2012

FOTD: Urban Decay Vice Palette and Sephora Haul

Oh, this is another really long post with loads of photos! =D

And it's one of my favourite kind (not sure if it is for you), because it is beauty haul! (I don't go around liking every beauty haul, but I do love to see what my favourite and most of the time, like-minded bloggers/youtubers have in their carts/stash, and I also like to see what's new out there. So yes, that's what haul posts are for. =P)

I hope you'll like it!

FOTD: Urban Decay Vice Palette

Inspired by and attempted to recreate from Lisa Eldridge's Dramatic Colourful Smoky Eyes (video below).

It's not exactly the same as the colours in Urban Decay Vice Palette seem to not be able to pile up, so those colours fall off when put on top of the black colour.

You can still see the tinge of green (Junkie on inner 1/2) and the tinge of blue (Chaos between green and dark purple), and dark purple (vice on outer corner).

The black is still obviously there. And the hot pink purple (Noise) is also still there and vibrant, as it was applied on bare skin, and not over the black.

The inner corner highlights (Blitz and Peony Lane) are also strong enough, as well as brow bone highlight (Laced).

On my lips was YSL Rouge Volupte #26. It's a crazily pretty nude pink.

Sephora Haul - Urban Decay, and Sephora Brand

From left: Gift With Purchase of UD Vice Palette and UD items with minimum $120, Sephora Pro Lesson Brown Eyes Palette ($49), Sephora Eyelash Curler ($29), UD Vice Palette ($88), UD Brightening and Tightening Primer ($55), UD Lip Primer ($35), Sephora Lash Amplifier ($8), which I did not show here by mistake.

Vice Palette Alert!

Aren't the colours gorgeous?

Comes with that foam protector for the inset jewel.

Pretty pretty.

Back of it.

And let it spring up!

 Push button.

Due to spring, it does not opens fully. However, for such a huge palette, it is better of standing, than opened fully, so you can set it on the table and use it.

Humongous mirror.

Now for the colours!

I am liking the names.

And close up four by four.


Not to miss swatches!

The lip primer.

This is too pretty.

Look at the details.

The new primer.

More beautiful detailing.

I like the ingredients!

It says above, "beauty with an edge".

See the magic.

With that rice grain size amount, I could spread it so much, and cover the whole left half of the back of hand (with a lot to spare).

So above, the left half has primer, and the right half doesn't. See the difference? I couldn't believe it! Shallower fine lines, lessened redness, and truly brighter.

I just couldn't believe it I had to test it again.

With that size (way more than enough for my hand), spread on right side.

Look at the before (above), and after (below).

Can't believe it!

This is good stuff.

And the GWP!

I like the inside. It's good quality, and not just made to cheat you into buying more.

The freebies are rather costly.

And that's it! I will give close up of the Sephora items when I review them. =)

Do you intend to/gotten the Urban Decay Vice Palette? Any good?


Jenna Heap said...

WOw what a pretty look! love this post great job
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-Jen <3

Makeupxi said...

I like your makeup! the palette is really beatiful you have vibrant colors :)

Jyoan said...

Thank you!

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