Sunday, 2 September 2012

M.A.C Styleseekeer Collection Supercontinental Blush Comparisons

I was admiring the Supercontinental blush in pan, when I realised that I have many similar blushes in my vanity that I thought are more or less similar, in that they are all kind of sheer, pinky, with a sheen. So I begin swatching those in my drawer, and come out with this.

I think I still have some more in my stash that are kept out of my drawer because I don't use them as often. So these are just some blushes that look quite similar, and you may find them good references. =)

I found that one of the closest I have to Supercontinental is actually the so-famous all-time-favourite NARS Deep Throat.

Top: M.A.C Supercontinental. Bottom: NARS Deep Throat.

As you can see, Supercontinent on top, is more pink. The sheen doesn't appears in my photo, but when seen with the eye, the sheen for Supercontinental is less golden, with some silver fine specks. Whereas, NARS Deep Throat is a teeny bit more coral, and has a warmer, more golden sheen. The consistency of both blush is so similar I can't really say one is smoother/softer than the other. They are just both very high quality blushes, and really nice to own in your stash.

I guess that is why people say that NARS Deep Throat is very universal, because it's just that bit more coral. Pinks tend to have a narrower audience, because some pinks just don't suit warm skin people like me. Supercontinental is one of those more universal pinks because it contains gold specks, other than silver specks (which can cast a metallic cold sheen on warm skin).

Before finding out that Deep Throat is my most similar blush to Supercontinental, I did many other swatches, as shown below.

If you look at the first one, Laura Geller Vanilla Peach Cobbler, and compare that with the middle one, M.A.C Supercontinental, you will find that they are so, so, so, very similar too.

In fact, I would say that Vanilla Peach Cobbler is an exact match to Supercontinental in terms of colour.  However, Vanilla Peach Cobbler falls short as a dupe to M.A.C Supercontinental because it a lot more sparkly, rather than sheen-y. It is also cooler, with purely silver specks, but Supercontinental is a neutral, with both gold and silver specks. Vanilla Peach Cobbler also goes on darker. Like they are the exact same colour, but Vanilla Peach Cobbler is one shade deeper, such that you would have to pile on Supercontinental quite a lot to make it look the same as Vanilla Peach Cobbler.

I find that when worn on the cheeks, Supercontinental is obviously more subdued, more neutral, while Vanilla Peach Cobbler makes me look more dressed up. In this, lies the greatest difference and the deciding factor.

As such, if you already have Laura Geller Vanilla Peach Cobbler, and you prefer a more done up face as opposed to barely there look, then you do not have to get Supercontinental. But if you are actually looking for a more played down version of that exact pink, then Supercontinental is a must.

The next one, SilkyGirl Flashing Rose is not a comparison at all because it's just straight up pink and matte.

However, the Maybelline Jelly Glow in 04 Sweet Momo is a really interesting competitor! I do think that the shade of pink that Sweet Momo gives is close enough to Supercontinental. In fact, it is closer to Supercontinental than Deep Throat by virtue that Sweet Momo IS an exact pink while Deep Throat actually carries that obvious coral tinge when placed side by side a true pink.

Yet in terms of finish, Sweet Momo clearly falls flat as a dupe because it does not carries a strong sheen. While Sweet Momo is radiant and glows, it lacks specks that higher end makeup tend to have. Sweet Momo is actually more matte.

While Sweet Momo is not a dupe, I don't think it loses to Supercontinental as a blush at all. They have very, very different uses to me. Sweet Momo works as a general blush base for me.

So that's it! That's my take on the Supercontinental blush from M.A.C's Styleseeker collection 2012! I do think Supercontinental is quite a unique blush to have in that nothing seem to come quite as close to exact, not even according to Christine from Temptalia.com, which you can read here.


aussiedonna50 said...

Thank you for the swatches, they are excellent comparisons!

I have MAC's Supercontinental & I find it to be the perfect pinkish peach on my MAC NW15 skin.

I am going to try the Maybelline blush you swatched. It would act as the perfect base for all of my peach blushes.

Joey Anna said...

Yes! Love Supercontinental. Think it is universal. So pretty.

Hope you find that the Maybelline Jelly Glow works for you too!

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