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LOTD: A Trip to the Gardens! - That Earthy Brown

I am so happy to have been to the Gardens by the Bay at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore! Gardens by the Bay is the latest iconic piece of land in Singapore, and it's just so crazily awesome that I will do a blog special on it, just like how I did the Universal Studios Singapore one.

Besides raving about the place itself, I also want to feature the makeup and outfit I wore to the gardens, because I want to rave about it! =P Who doesn't love stay-all-day makeup?

LOTD: A Trip to the Gardens! - That Earthy Brown
It's the gardens, the great outdoors. And in Singapore, anything without roof and air-conditioning means you have to prepared for sun and rain at the same time, as well as walking and sweating. It's very humid over here, so even if it's sun-down, you may feel a little hot and stuffy if you don't choose the right clothes.

As such, when I worked on my makeup, I was focusing on getting the base to be perfect and sit all day, using good quality eyeshadows that I know will not smudge or crease, using long-lasting blush, and having a very natural, garden-feel lipstick.

So here's my look, and I will list the items I used after the photo.

- Garnier Light B.B. Cream (Sigma Flat Kabuki F80).
- Nature Republic Eau de Shine Prism Blossom Powder (Sephora Professional Contour Bronzer Brush 43).
- Guerlain Meteorites Emilio Pucci (Sephora Professional Contour Bronzer Brush 43).

- Estee Lauder Pure Colour Eye Palette in 21 Topaz Mosaic (M.A.C 239 and 217, EcoTools Blending Brush)
- Darkest Colour from 21 Topaz Mosaic on my eyebrows (Lauren Luke Angled Liner Brush).
- Sasa Super Dolly Powerful Curling Mascara.

- Rouge Bunny Rouge in A Whim of Mine (BIG Rave, I will review asap!).

- M.A.C Supercontinental from Styleseeker Collection 2012 (Le Metier de Beaute Blush Brush and EcoTools Travel Kabuki Brush).

What I really want to rave about is the makeup! I can't believe it. This combination of makeup is so good that it lasted me all 9 hours of moving around outdoors, without moving an inch!

I am so surprised because I have not worn the Estee Lauder eyeshadows without primer before, and this time I did. I expected it to crease and smudge, but the Estee Lauder is soooooo good, it neither creased nor smudge! I never knew Estee Lauder is so good. Don't see it as an old lady brand anymore!

Then of course, it's M.A.C Supercontinental. As always rightly reviewed by Christine from Temptalia.com, this blush lasts like nobody's business. I expect it to run 12 hours with the edges of the blush still sitting perfectly where I put it.

Of course, my trusty Sasa Super Dolly mascara didn't budge. And the shimmer from the Emilio Pucci Guerlain Meteorite was still there.

- Leopard prints dress from a blogshop (honestly forgotten which one).

I chose this dress because it's thinner in the sense, it's made of material that allows more wind to pass through, so I wouldn't feel the stuffiness from the high humidity here.

The prints also make it look more natural, in the wild, like going to a jungle (there is a jungle which you'll see in the blog special of Gardens by the Bay).

- Watch from Fossil ES-1941.
- Necklace is called Tai Yin Zhi Mu from a fengshui shop.

Nail Polish
- Models Own in Lilac Dream NP049

I will feature the Models Own nail polish in probably the next post or two. =) The colour doesn't really fits the leopard prints. haha, but I wasn't planning to coordinate my nails for this day... ... so... ... yeah. =)

And that's all!

Yours sincerely,

If you're Singaporean, have you visited Gardens by the Bay? Otherwise, what is one item that you can trust to last you all day while walking and sweating?


sleepandwater said...

It's amazing the makeup lasted so long :) The blush looks gorgeous, it really lifts your complexion and I love how you've applied it! I've never tried Estee Lauder eyeshadows but it's good to hear that the quality really impressed you.

Jyoan said...

Thanks! Yes, still amazes me. =) Now I know, there are other long-lasting and reliable eyeshadows other than Urban Decay.

Popcorn said...

Lovely eye look! ohhh your lips look so glossy.

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