Thursday, 20 September 2012

Hello Kitty Perfume at Sephora

*hands up* if you like Hello Kitty! Woot!

I saw this at Sephora quite a long while ago, and I just had to get it.

I am not sure what the full name of this is, how much it costs, and I also do not have a photo of the black box it comes in because I was just too excited to unpack and use this. But I think it's about $32? And still available at Sephora.

I have been using this every morning for a good 2-3 months now, and even my significant other says this smells better than the Jimmy Choo eau de parfum that came as a sample in one of my Bellabox.

When someone says a fragrance smells great on you, it must be.

One of the biggest reasons I can use this everyday is because of the roller-ball release. It makes it so easy for me to grab in the morning rush and rub down my neck and on my elbows and forearms.

Not to mention, the bright and cute Kitty head helps me see it in the dark. Yes, I get ready in a dark bedroom because I only turn on the bathroom light.

I think the whole Kitty head and crystal studded body just helps it to sit in my palm so nicely. It is the right size to sit on a dressing table.

That's 3 plus points already!

I can't quite describe the fragrance for some reason. It is on the powdery side. It reminds me of Jasmine, the flower, sweet, but not overtly sweet, with the tinge of natural plant bitterness coming through. I think it is a standard office wear smell that you tend to get with non-branded perfume. But this Hello Kitty one is particularly sophisticated.

It is the kind of fragrance that no one would find offensive, and everyone can wear. Definitely a great starter perfume.

The thing that makes me stick to this everyday is really how long-lasting it is! Trust me, it is there after more than 8 hours. That's crazy. In fact, I spend about 12 hours out of house a day, and when I get home into shower, I can still smell the lingering fragrance when I bring my arm to my nose.

It's just crazy.

Love, love, love, l-o-v-e. 5/5.
Wouldn't say it's my holy grail because I am still learning about fragrances, and I really may acquire another favourite anytime. But I am half down, as you can see in the third photo, and I think I will finish it. I wouldn't guarantee you that I will repurchase because I have 5 bottles of Polo Ralph, 1 bottle of fresh, half-finished Bvlgari, half-finishd Body Shop, and many, many samples. But I won't hesitate to buy this for any friend who likes Hello Kitty as a birthday gift or festive gift.

First because I think the price is very good. For a Hello Kitty, for a pretty crystal-studded roller-ball tube of goodness, price is great!

Second, the fragrance is surprisingly good for something I thought I was only paying for the Hello Kitty! haha, I actually bought this to keep, not to use.

The fragrance is a sophisticated everyday type, and extremely long-lasting. Even my SO likes me to wear this.

Third, Hello Kitty is the right size to sit on a dresser and also to keep in a handbag pocket.

Forth, Hello Kitty is easy to grab in palm, and so convenient to apply on the go because it is a roller.

Fifth? Well, I just can't get enough of it. What else can beat holding your favourite Kitty every morning and still being able to get a good fragrance out of it?

Will you buy a cartoon character perfume?


eula_w said...

This perfume is a perfect gift for my teenage sister. She really loves Hello Kitty. :)

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Jyoan said...

Hi eula, that's nice to hear! I hope your sister will like it.

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