Saturday, 4 August 2012

Zan's Tea Bag

This is another lazy Saturday on which I can sneak in some time to make some tea and write a post! =D

For those who follow my blog, you may detect that occasional post on tea, healthy living, enjoying and staying happy. This is just one of those posts that is not on beauty products, but more on appreciation and beauty from within.

So here goes.

Zan's Tea Bag

I do have a penchant for anything to do with tea, because while I am not a regular tea drinker, I really love it when I drink tea. So when I saw this really innovative tea bag selling at Time's (bookshop), I couldn't help but pick it up.

This is from a brand called Zan's, which if I am not wrong, focuses on creating new age "toys" or ways of doing things, like this silicone tea bag.

And I chose the yellow one because I always think it is my lucky colour, and it reminds me of Lipton, the Yellow Label tea (which I am so fond of because it brings back childhood memories of eating Happy Meals at McDonald's).

Okay, so there is a cap at the bottom of the silicone tea bag, where you can pull open. I just scoop a flat teaspoonful of Dilmah's Seasonal Flush tea leaves into the bag, pour hot water, and wait.

After some time, when the colour gets darker, remember to remove the tea bag or else the tea leaves will get "overburnt", and your tea will taste bitter, which is not healthy.

Awesome tea bag for awesome tea!

Love this innovation, 5/5!
This really makes life a lot easier, because one of the most irritating things about drinking good tea is that they tend to come in loose tea leaves, and you need to find a way of brewing the tea without the hassle of washing too much. I am not fond of those expensive cups or teapots simply because it just an extra thing for me to wash, and they are bulky to keep.

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caise said...

oh it looks like a great product :-) I would try a pink one if it's available:-)

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