Friday, 29 June 2012

Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss Neo in PK247

I have had this for the longest time, and at one time when I only owned 2 lip glosses, I used this. But it made me so sick of drying lipgloss that I bought others and stopped using this. I think it's high time I properly review this.

Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss Neo in PK247

Available: Watsons, around $10.

Volume: 6.5 g

Star Properties: Make you lips fuller?

The Honey Pump Gloss comes in a standard transparent tube, with the signature Majolica Majorca gold screw cap. This tube dispenses the product by a tiny hole on a slanted tip. It is not that kind that has a brush end.

As you can see in the photos both above and below, PK247 is a basic coral pink with some glitter in it.

When it's applied very thickly, the color in the tube can be seen, but when you spread, it will sheer out into just a light pink as seen below.

Apparently, this is not pigmented at all, and applied straight on bare dark lips like mine, it looks just like a general plain transparent lipgloss, as in photo below.

As my lips are really kind of dark, you don't see the glitter at all. But when the gloss wears off with time, it does leaves the glitter on my lips, which can be a good on bad things depending on your personal preference.

I am fine with it because it means I can simply use my Burt's Bees Pomegranated Tinted Lipbalm to roll over and touch up, just to give my lips the moist look. The glitter will show through the lip balm such that it actually looks like I put another layer of lipgloss.

But some people might thing it just looks weird having glitter on your lips when there is not color and glossy finish at all. So this really boils down to personal preference.

Color Stain?
This absolutely does not stains my lips at all. Again, whether this is a plus or minus point is personal preference. I personally do like lip products that stain as I can then just touch up faded lip color by rolling my Burt's Bees lip balm over.

Pop Factor
I am not amazed by how much this gloss does not makes my lips pop at all. To think it is called Honey PUMP Gloss, but it doesn't pumps up my lips.

Here comes the part that I can't get over. I strongly dislike the MM Honey Pump Gloss for how drying it is. =( I can never wear this for more than 2-3 hours before I get so irritated and want to wipe it off. I have definitely tried this over lip balms, over moisturizing lipsticks etc, and none of them seem to help alleviate the dry, lips-cracking feeling.

I also can't get over how expensive this is, considering the dryness, the low pigmentation, and the amount of product.

I am okay with this. 2.5/5.
I think you can buy this is you really just like the MM style/packaging/image. But I have a good number of lip glosses of similar or lower prices that perform way better in terms of how unique the color is, how much they make my lips pop, how pigmented they are, how moisturizing they are. So I would say that this is a product that I bought, used a while, and left at the back of my drawer for some 2 years already, just because it is not as good as all my other glosses, and I wouldn't repurchase this or buy it as a gift for anyone at all.

I guess I can still finish this up if I use it as a plain transparent gloss over highly pigmented matte lipstick, just to give a pop in the middle of my lips. It's not disgusting, nothing to hate about it. I just dislike it.


anonymoushedonist said...

i bought this once and threw it away after a while because it was just not fantastic! i think MM products are quite mediocre.. :(

Jyoan said...

Ah yeah. A lot of MM stuff really wasted my money. It's like they have good things, but everything is not The Best of The Best. And the rest are really rip-off kind...

Tati D. said...

Shame to hear this one didn't work out for you! I've heard MM has some solid items, but I guess this isn't one of them.

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