Wednesday, 20 June 2012

FOTD: Burberry Antique Rose, Tangerine, and Cameo Pink

I seldom use only one eyeshadow, but I totally felt like I could achieve a good look with the one Burberry eyeshadow that I bought to try.

So here it is!

Makeup used:
- Pupa Milano Luminys Touch Face Illuminator in 02
- Eyeliner from Daiso
- Burberry Eyeshadow Single in Antique Rose
- Shisedo Perfect Full Definition Mascara
- Dark gray brow pencil from Daiso
- Burberry blush in Tangerine
- Burberry lipstick in No. 03 Cameo Pink

I used the M.A.C 217 blending brush to place the eyeshadow all over the lids, then blended it out with the EcoTools blending brush.

Blush was put on with Le Metier de Beaute Blush Brush. It's an awesome brush, and I will get around to review it. =)

And there is the lipstick.

Really pretty baby pink that is actually lighter than my natural lip color (you can see my natural lip color peaking out at the bottom rim), but it really matches my whole face, and still looks like a my-lips-but-better color!

Here is the blush. It's very sheer, even though it's called Tangerine.

And my first impression of it is really, really good! In fact, I think I would recommend the blushes over the eyeshadows, just because the eyeshadow shades are way too neutral. Even though many of them are unique, I feel like they are close enough to shades that you can get anywhere else!

I mean seriously, do you really need another taupe brown?? I don't know. I guess it's a personal choice.

But I got one eyeshadow anyway. And I chose the one that I feel is really the most unique in their collection, called Antique Rose.

As the name suggests, it's a dull version of rose colored blush/eyeshadow/lipstick (rose color in makeup is actually kind of pink, not red). It's like a plummy rose, as you see on my eyelids.

This is a sample size lipstick that came free with my above two purchase. And my first impression of Burberry lipsticks is really good!

As you can see, this light pink actually covers my dark lips really well, showing that it is pigmented. It also feels very soft, absolutely non-greasy, absolute non-sticky. And it was after 6 hours that I felt my lips start to dry from this.

I definitely think this lipstick makes a better first impression than when I tried my very, very first Chanel Rouge Coco, and my very, very first Rouge Dior lipstick.

Anyhow, these are just my first impressions. I will try to use these more, and use in different ways, before officially reviewing! =)

Do you own any Burberry cosmetics? What do you think of them? If you have not, will you try them based on the current Burberry talk/hype?


David bone said...

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sleepandwater said...

I don't have any Burberry makeup, but I've heard a lot of raves about their eyeshadows (Pale Barley especially). The colour you chose looks like a very wearable and flattering neutral, though probably the most unique of shades. But at least the quality is good :) The blush is super pretty as well!

Jyoan said...

Hi sleepandwater,

yes, so much rave on Pale Barley. Personally, my skin tone just doesn't agrees with taupes at all. Taupes look like mud on me. So I am very hesitant to try Pale Barley. My skin just does so much better with orangey colors in the crease, or very, very deep colors like Antique Rose (it's much darker than in the photo), which leans towards Burgundy already.

However, I am very tempted to get the white... haha, that one is quite raved too. But I already own so many highlighter eyeshadow singles!

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