Tuesday, 12 June 2012

butter LONDON in Macbeth

I posted about my first bottle of butter LONDON in Hen Party 2 months ago, and I said I would do a review of butter LONDON based on the two bottles I have. So here is it now!

butter LONDON in Macbeth

Available: Takashimaya Basement 1, $25.

Volume: 11 ml

Star Properties: Out, out, damn neutrals! This pedicure-worthy orange-y-coral lacquer will make you want to do terrible things that won’t wash off your hands. (Copied from butter LONDON website here.)

I like how squarish the bottle looks. But in terms of practicality, squarish bottles are a pain in the neck to rub between my palms when I want to warm the polish up.

You may see more from my post on Hen Party here.

I have decided that I really don't like the brush after using Macbeth. =((( It's just way too thin and too short to hold enough paint at one go. I am always having to go back a second time just to finish the first coat, and this disrupts the smoothness of the finish. I managed to get the flat, non-streaky finish you see in the photo because I go back a 3rd and 4th time.

I think I do have rather high expectations of butter LONDON, because it costs $25, around the price of an OPI, and my OPIs all apply opaque, non-streaky and everything in just one coat. I always get OPIs at around $13 at sales anyway, so OPIs to me are actually madly affordable for its quality.

I have also decided that the paint is not good. The first time I use this, the paint was too thick, and really streaky. So I warmed it in my hands and shake to mix well, and it got so much thinner. But then, it actually got too thin.

Also, this paint actually chips just a few hours into wear. And this time (unlike the Scotch Naturals one), I did wear my Sally Hansen 4-in-1 Complete Care base coat. Okay, I didn't put a top coat. But really, I don't usually put top coats, and it is just fine with my OPIs, Chanels, and Dior. So, I am not liking the paint.

I really, really, really, do love about Macbeth and Hen Party, for the super smooth yet glossy finish.

Macbeth is not iridescent, it is just a flat raspberry red that looks like hot pink in the bottle. But Hen Party is an opal with blue tinge. I do super, duper, ulper LOVE the color of Macbeth. It is so bright yet so inoffensive.

I think this ought to have a better brush and paint formula. But I really like all the colors from butter LONDON. It's like, when you see the butter LONDON collection, you just want to own them all! I think the costs is justifiable by the unique colors, but not the brush and paint.

I am okay with this. 3.5/5.
If you're willing to spend $25 on a bottle of nail polish, be sure to choose the color you know you love, and will wear, because this is unbearable to apply if you don't like the color.

When I did my nails, all I could think was, I am going to get through this, I must get through this, stupid brush, stupid paint, so expensive, I need to get this color on my nails, it's just the most awesome coral red. Hang on!

So yeah, I think you get my mood about this.

I think I will repurchase, as in, I will buy another bottle of butter LONDON. I am definitely not giving up on them. But I really need to see an even prettier color than Macbeth to justify going through the pain of painting.

Do you own an butter LONDON nail polish? What do you feel about it?


caise said...

oh it is so pricey! but I like this bottle though :)
that's too bad that you don't like it :(

sleepandwater said...

Really clever name, but it sounds a bit underwhelming for being a relatively expensive polish. Really vibrant colour though!

Jyoan said...

Hi Caise, haha, yes, I really honestly like everything about how all the butter LONDONs look on the shelf. Wanted to buy more than just two bottles. But I very personally have rather high expectations of this, because of the price and hype. haha, you could still give it a shot! The colors are extremely unique and pretty.

Jyoan said...

Hi sleepandwater, haha, yes, you're spot on! Love the names, Hen Party and Macbeth. In fact, I was torn over which color to get as they were all too pretty to let go, but I decided on Macbeth because of the name.

MisSmall said...

Nice colour, but I probably can't be bothered to go through the troubles. :P

Jyoan said...

Hi MisSmall, haha, you could be right. I probably will gravitate towards other colors in my collection in future, and not touch this unless I really have something special.

caise said...

this brand isn't available here :(

prettybeautiful.net said...

sorry to hear about the horrible experiences, but the end result is all worth it! such a bright and cheerful shade ;)

Jyoan said...

Hi Xin, haha, yes, I still really love the color. Definitely will continue using it.

Miel Miel said...

saw BL on www.naturelova.com

noticed an interesting matt top coat, just like the matt painted cars on the road. anybody has tried it?

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