Monday, 18 June 2012

Battle of the Eyelash Curlers: US$1 e.l.f vs SG$2 Daiso

I bought the Daiso one first because at that time, I haven't got my hands on the e.l.f one, which cost me US$2.39 + US$4.98 for shipping over eBay.

Daiso has many different makes of eyelash curlers, and I chose this one I am featuring because it has that black rubber handle that makes it look immensely similar to the e.l.f one that emilynoel83 raves and raves about.

I have tried enough inexpensive curlers (meaning under $10) to realize that inexpensive curlers simply cannot compare (yes, including the much raved Koji 70 from Sasa) to counter brand ones (not as if I find Shu Uemura and M.A.C that much better).

LOL, I know, I know, I rant a lot when it comes to lash curlers. But I rave a lot too! And in this post, you're going to find one YAY, and one NAY. But do I prefer the one from e.l.f or the one from Daiso?

Let's start from their outlooks.

The packaging makes no difference to me. Other than M.A.C's, Tweezerman's and Talika's that comes in a little bit more different plastic and cardboard, all my other curlers come in rectangular plastic boxes and only differ in the color and brand printed on it.

e.l.f Mechanical Eyelash Curler. The box came crushed, after shipping, I suppose.

Daiso Eyelash Curler.

But when it comes to the curler itself, I can't tell the two apart. Can you?

Guess which is which!

Now, this is where I know for sure which is the better curler, because when I use one of them, the feeling is great. But when I use the other, it clips the flesh around my lashes. =(((

 Guess which is which.

You can actually see more differences from these two views. But still, they are so similar. If you have the e.l.f one or the Daiso one, take yours out to compare, and see if you can figure out which one is e.l.f, which is Daiso's.

Which is which?

And sorry to say, the one that really hurts is the US$1 e.l.f one. 
I have no idea why emilynoel83 has it as her Holy Grail lash curler, because she is very trustworthy when it comes to reviews, and she is very well-versed in the world of drugstore products.

The e.l.f one. Notice the rubber pad is not sticking over the metal. And notice the top metal band is straight and then curved outwards.

Perhaps I got a defective one or maybe my curler lost its precision after being stuck in some crate on the ship for 10 days... ... I really can't bare to clip myself over and over again. I gave the e.l.f chances... ... but there are only so many chances I can give before I get sick of tearing or feeling like I am so going to cry, as it is PaInFuL to pinch your eyelids. T_T

Ah, nevermind, let's not talk about e.l.f already. One last rant... ... it is so costly at SG$10.32 after shipping!

Okay Daiso.
Believe it or not, Daiso actually made its way to my favorites! I love it, I really do. I use it interchangeably with my beloved Canmake pinky curler and my Shisedo Maquillage. In case you're wondering why I can use so many curlers at once, it's because I dirty my curlers as my eyeliner is always quite pigmented and sticks all over the inner curve of the curler. So I sort of use one curler till it's pretty dirty (about 3 times), then use the next, and the next. And then I wash all of them with alcohol-based cleanser together.

The Daiso one.

I can't find anything wrong with the Daiso curler. Its curling power is really good, it does not clips my flesh, the black thick plastic on the handles means my fingers don't feel pain when I use strength to squeeze. The curvature is pretty fitting for the size of my eye.

Now, let's move on to effects.

From the front, they looks pretty much the same.

 Eye on your left (my right eye): curled by Daiso curler. Eye on your right: curled by e.l.f curler.

But once I close my eyes, you will see the difference.

 Eye on your left: curled by Daiso curler. Eye on your right is curled by e.l.f.

Now, the main reason why the curl by the e.l.f curler is just not as pronounced as that by the Daiso curler, is because I just can't stand clipping myself, so I don't squeeze so hard, and I don't go in and curl more, and I don't go left right and check which lashes are not curled, and try again and again to curl them.

Yes, so you can say I had been unfair to not curl the lashes on my left eye as many times and as hard as I did for my right. But really, that's just how it happens when I can't bear to pinch my flesh anymore than I already did (to take this photo, and to test it as many times as I could before this review).

So the side views are below. I am starting off with the e.l.f one.

 This is my left eye, lashes curled with e.l.f curler.

Left eye closed.

And move on to the Daiso curler.

 This is my right eye, lashes curled with Daiso curler.

Sorry about the red veins in my eyes. I have been up watching Euro 2012.

Right eye closed.

So there, I think the difference is pretty obvious. =)

So overall, NAY to e.l.f curler, 2/5
I think it's pretty good if it doesn't clips my flesh. I guess if you have eyes like emilynoel83's, it should be fine. But if you have eyes like mine, that comes with tapered double eyelids, and fleshy above the eye, then probably not.

And YAY to Daiso black handle curler! 5/5.
I can't find anything wrong with this, and I reach for it day after day after day.
I haven't tried the other versions from Daiso though, and really don't intend to go and buy all of them. So if you want to pick up a Daiso curler, look out for the black handle one. It's always out of stock... ...

PS: I actually couldn't identify them at first. But thank goodness I figured out I could take out the spare rubber pad from their boxes and compare them! hehe.


Cindity said...

Hi babe, Emily's preference for the elf's curler may be because of different eye shape. Most Caucasian eyes are more round and protruding. But I'm glad that you found your fave, totally trying out a Daiso curler, Hehee

Joey Anna said...

Hi Cindity,

yes, most probably! haha, this is not going to douse my love for Emily. She is SO down-to-earth and trustworthy.

I hope you will be able to find the right one, because Daiso has so many, and change all the time. Let me know! 'cos I don't want to be the only person who swears by Daiso curler. =PP

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