Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Maybelline Jelly Glow

The drugstore is seriously going through a state of revolution, beefing up in all areas, and giving counter brands a run for their money! I have here with me yet another awesome product from Maybelline that really does magic for the skin! Just when I thought counter brands are on top of the game when it comes to creme blushes and creative inventions, Maybelline is presenting to us, the Jelly Glow!

Jelly Glow in 04 Sweet Momo and 07 Soft Brown
of the BlushStudio line from Maybelline New York

Available: All major pharmacies, $15.90.

Volume: 13.4 g

Star Properties: Comes in jelly form.

Ingredients: As seen in photo below.

Ingredients list.

As seen, it comes in a the cutest little simple click-lock pan with a transparent cover (me likes!!), like an egg tart, with that most delicious pink part popping out in a dome shape over the white crust.

And the pan comes in a packet that states its color and ingredients. I am not particular about the packet because I just take a picture of the words on it and throw it out anyway. But it does add to that drugstore-feel, so for those who like well-packed boxed up blushes, this will not fit the bill.

Cute little pan. I love this photo.

What I really like about the packaging is how compact it is. I have slipped this into my handbag to bring out everyday just because it is that convenient to carry.

You see, I normally have my BB Cream on in the morning, then because I am rushing for time, I would leave home with a nicely brightened and covered face, but washed-out bare lips. Then I would whip out my Burt's Bees Pomegranate lip balm and put that all over my lips in 30 seconds while waiting for the train for an instant pick-me-up. I am adverse to putting on makeup in front of the whole world so I would wait till I reach my workplace (early), and quickly pull this Jelly Glow out and dab over my BB cream. Of course it would be good if I could get all these done at home as it helps to use loose powder to set the Jelly Glow. But never mind, because the Jelly Glow is just so convenient for touchups and so inexpensive, so I don't mind using more of it. Anyway, my point is, this is the story to why I like the compact packaging of this.

This comes in 4 shades for Singapore. I picked 04 Sweet Momo and 07 Soft Brown because these two are colors that I don't really have in my stash.

The other two shades are bright pink and true coral, but I've forgotten their names. I feel that all the colors Singapore has are the most basic of basics, and you really can't ever go wrong with any of these.

Left: 04 Sweet Momo. Right: 07 Soft Brown.

04 Sweet Momo is a pale pink peach.

04 Sweet Momo is a pale pink peach.

07 Soft Brown is brown with pink tones, exactly as you see below.

On my cheeks, 04 Sweet Momo looks like so:

Basically, it appears more as a highlighter on my NC23-25 skin. It will do as a blush if my eye makeup is stronger, and not neutral/naked. It is really, really, really pretty when I do blue eyes.

This reminds me of both Benefit Sugarbomb and Essence Multi Color Blush. Benefit Sugarbomb is a tad more plum because it contains purple pigments, and Essence Multi Colour Blush is paler, with more highlighting pigments. While Sugarbomb is slightly build-able which means you can get a it to look more intensely pink, Essence Multi-Colour Blush is not build-able at all, which means the more Essence you put, the more highlighter-y you will look, but you will not get more pink.

And 07 Soft Brown appears more pink on my cheeks.

Unlike both the Sugarbomb and Essence Multi Colour Blush, the color from Maybelline Jelly Glow is so build-able. You could go over, and over, and over again, until you finally get the intensity that you like.

Unlike creme and liquid blushes, the jelly form allows you to take a little at a time. Every time I swipe once with my finger, I get just enough to create a tinge of color on my cheeks, that's very diffused, and looks like color is just peeking from behind my skin.

And on the second and third swipes, I can get enough color to have healthy glow. A few more times, and I will get a nice flush. And after building this much, it is still so oooo-soooo-natural.

I definitely think jelly beats creme and liquid blushes because it is so easy to work with. Liquid and stains blushes tend to be hard to work with, with me always using more than I like even though I only take a droplet. Liquids and stains also drip down before I can blend.

It is definitely very spreadable because there is so much silicone in it, other than talc. Fortunately, very fortunately, this does not breaks me out. But it could be because I am really careful about using this, and I always put more moisturizer and BB cream to shield my skin from blushes. I got so scared of the Elianto liquid blush because that one broke me out.

How I Use 04 Sweet Momo
04 Sweet Momo is more a highlighter for me, so I use it under power blush, as a nice base, and also slightly above my cheek bones, on my cheek bones and the apples of my cheek. I am careful not to bring this under my cheek bones.

Nowadays, I put on all my eyeshadows first, then I conceal my under eye and any acne marks. And only after concealing will I put on my BB Cream by tapping and sweeping to blend. Then I will use Sweet Momo, build it up nicely such that it is still diffused and natural. Then I will set everything, including the Sweet Momo Jelly Glow by pushing-tapping loose power lightly over it using a flat top powder brush (I use e.l.f). Then I will draw my brows and put on mascara. The second last move is to lightly tap a powder brush of the color you want to wear for that day over the Sweet Momo Jelly Glow (any blush brush or large complexion/powder brush will do). This way, you get a really, really well blended base with that bright pop from the powder blush.

Basically, when I use this technique, I look like that:

This is more coral than the above post of Sweet Momo only, because I layered a coral blush over.

And I love this technique so much, I have been doing it for the whole week now. So this is another one that I layered bright pink blush over.

Yup, can see the difference with bright pink blush. I used Silkygirl Single Blush in Flashing Rose.

I think I am obsessed with this technique now because the Jelly Glow really enables me to do that seamless blending and gives the ultra natural diffused glow from within the skin, and not look like powder blush on top of the skin. Jelly Glow is probably the next closest thing to using Beauty Blender, and better than when I buff out lines with EcoTools Kabuki brush!

I have stopped using the Beauty Blender because I don't have the time these days to wash it immediately after use. But when I had time back then, Beauty Blender was such as awesome tool I didn't want to live without. I would still go back to the Beauty Blender if I have a big dinner to attend, just because it is the closes thing to airbrush and I don't have an airbrush machine.

How I Use 07 Soft Brown
I simply swipe it with my finger and blend it on my cheek bones and under my cheek bones.

Unlike 04 Sweet Momo, I don't use Soft Brown on the apples of my cheek, and I don't put it above my cheekbones. Soft Brown appears more as a contour color for me, so I like to take it lower down, into the hollows of my cheeks, and I like to put it more intense closer to my ears.

I love Soft Brown a lot because it can be used singularly as a blush cum contour. In fact, the above photo was taken at the end of the day, and I wore that look for work. I have nothing on my face other than BB Cream, Soft Brown Jelly Glow, and Burt's Bees Pomegranate on my lips.

It's such an awesome natural look that I would highly recommend to teens, and those who are just starting out makeup. I have reach a revelation point in life, when I realize that young people really don't need that much makeup, and having less on the face can truly look more. In fact, this was how I started out 6 years ago. I basically only carried a L'oreal Glamshine lipgloss in my bag, and nothing else. And I lived with nothing else for over a year (no Burt's Bees in Singapore back then).

In fact, more mature ladies don't need much makeup too. haha. Most of the time, it is the skin that will make all the difference to makeup. A nice clean canvass is what every artist wants to start out work on.

Hmm, okay, what else am I suppose to say about Jelly Glow? hahaha, after talking so much, I am not sure  if I've made all the points I want to make.

Packaging, Portability, Colour, Build-ability, Spreadability, How to Use It... ... I think that's it.

What a rave! Definitely 5/5.
I have nothing to complain about this. I love the jelly form, I love the compact packaging, I love the color, I love the way it appears diffused and coming from within my skin no matter how I build up the intensity. I love how it looks so lovely layered under a powder blush, how it can also stand alone. I was skeptical of this because it costs $15 for a tiny pan. But now, I am sure the price is worth it. In fact, in absolute dollars, this is not expensive at all (compared to other cosmetics in a Singaporean drugstore, not US or China). Another great price for great value product!


thebeautydispensary said...

I think i like sweet mono the best. I hope these make their way here to Australia.

Ying said...

awwwww, i wished that UK had these. Looks like i have to wait ages until they launch here! Great post :)


Jyoan said...

Hi Ying, UK doesn't? Hmmm, I've always thought US and UK get it before Asia. I hope this goes over quickly! They are really amazing despite the size. =)

Jyoan said...

Hi Madam M,

yes, yes, I hope they get to Australia too. This is some goodness everyone can have a little of. =)

Sweet Momo is currently my favorite over Soft Brown too. =D

FashionCherry said...

Hey! really enjoyed reading your beauty review here. Always been a huge fan of Maybelline products! that jelly glow blusher looks stunning on you :)


Jyoan said...

Hi FashionCherry, thanks! Me too. I like Maybelline, amongst L'oreal, Revlon.

alwaystheperfectangel said...

Wow, the name itself is so cute and the packaging as well! I like how they look on you - absolutely good :) I haven't seen these in Malaysia at all. In fact I was searching high and low for the Maybelline Mineral BB Cream and it was disappointing that most Guardian outlets look famished in terms of Maybelline stock!

Jyoan said...

Hi alwaystheperfectangel, yes, love to use makeup with cute names. =D Hmmm, I am not sure if Malaysia will get the same version, because it is called Dream Bouncy and packaged differently in US and UK. But Asian countries should all receive the same thing... ... probably just have to wait.

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