Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Olive Branch by Lush Review

So 5 months after I made a Lush Haul and reviewed my first Lush product, the Northern Lights, I am finally into my second, that is one of their body gel, called The Olive Branch. I am also using a Lush hand cream and all-purpose balm now, but not ready to review.

The Olive Branch

The Olive Branch is the second one from the right. 

Available: Lush shop, Wisma Atria,  ~$15.

Star Properties: Fresh, handmade (as all Lush products are). Reassuring, healing.

Ingredients: As in photo below.

I really like that the first two ingredients are vine leaf infusion and water, instead of the ubiquitous sodium laureate sulfate (SLS). SLS is the third ingredient though.

Due to the lower amount of SLS, I find that this shower gel does not irritates my skin as much as the Northern Lights bar soap from Lush did.

Also due to lower SLS content than many mass market shower products, this shower gel foams only minimally, which I totally like, because I am a fan of low-no foam skincare.

This body gel also has an obvious orange-citrus scent yet not overpowering. You can see that Fresh Mandarin Juice, Lemon Oil, Orange Flower Absolute, and Mandarin Oil are actually part of the ingredients.

This has really won me over because I am quite particular about scents. I love scented products, yet at the same time, I cannot stand overpowering fragrances, because I will sneeze.

This just-nice orange scent really motivates me to take my shower. haha.

This shower gel is really watery and pours out like diluted orange juice. Even the color so reminds me of orange juice. It is not a perfect orange, but you need to shake before use to mix the thicker part with the dark brown part. Below is the picture of what the "orange juice" looks like (after mixing).

A little really goes a long way, and I normally use about two 50-cents coin volume of soap water for my whole body. I have been using this for slightly over a month now, and have finished about 2/5 to half the bottle. This is the smallest bottle that Lush sells their body gels in, so I reckon this $15 or so will last slightly over two months.

That said, I must admit that Lush products are mad expensive, if you come from a large family, and are paying for the shower gels that everyone uses. This tiny bottle will probably only last two weeks for five people.

Perhaps this is why the poor Lush shop is now empty, and there are still people going to The Body Shop despite Lush's products being of far, far higher quality.

This body gel still manages to keep my body feeling clean, moisturized, and happy despite the lower amount of SLS than normal. And for me, really, the most important point of all is that I don't develop itchy bumps. =D So if you have sensitive skin, this is for you! For the record, The Body Shop's gels are too drying with the high amount of SLS, and I dislike them.

I really love this. 5/5.
<3<3<3 I don't want to see the day that I empty this bottle. It's going down way too fast! Argh! haha. Everything about it is good. The only caution is that you will get so addicted to this, but it is expensive to maintain.


EcoBeauty Vivi said...

if it has SLS, I can't use it. It'll exacerbate my eczema. By the way, do you get a migraine whenever you step into or pass by the LUSH store?... or is it just me? lol

Jyoan said...

Oh dear, I understand you. My sister-in-law can't take any SLS too. She has been using exclusively a black bar of soap that she buys from overseas for years and years.

hahaha, agree. The fragrance of ALL the Lush combined is sweet and strong to the max. haha. I bought all these back when the store was crowded though, and it helps tone down the smell. Only walked in once or twice after that initial period.

Despite the strong smell and high prices, I do hope Lush doesn't go close shop on Singapore. They have good products.

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