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FOTD + Review of Benefit They're Real Mascara - Really Good???

The Benefit They're Real Mascara has been quite popular since it was launched, and I have seen a good number of positive review about it. But is it worth the hype? I have been using this for a month now, and am ready to give my verdict of it. Read on to find out!

Benefit They're Real Beyond Mascara

Available: Sephora

Volume: 8.5 g

Star Properties: 

94% saw dramatic length and volume, 90% saw base-to-tip curl, 94% saw visible lift, 100% saw long-wearing results.

All the claims.

they're Real lengthens, volumizes, lifts and separates. Our jet black long-wearing formula won't smudge or dry out!

More claims.

The brush is specially designed to reveal lashes you never knew you had. Layer generously as desired.

Being expensive, it comes in a well designed paper box that you see above, with all the star properties, instructions, and ingredients printed on it.

The tube itself is also really gorgeous, reflective, and sexy. haha, I must say this because the mascara tube looks like a lady with very full chest, and is curvy-licious.

There is the name printed on it, and the mass.

I must say that I am fond of the packaging.

The Brush
The brush is one of those spiky ones, with a mild curve in the middle, supposedly to help your lashes curl and remain curled.

I am not fond of such spiky brushes because they don't grab my lashes at all. The L'oreal Telescopic Clean and The Body Shop Divide and Multiply both come in similar spiky brushes, and I don't like all 3 of them.

Not only do they not grab my lashes well, they will go all the way pass my lashes, touch my eyelid and mess up my eyeshadow. I am always having to clean up my eyeshadow with a Q-tip. =(

 Length of brush with slight curve in the middle.

And that curve in the body, does it help curl my lashes? Absolutely not.

Full of spikes.

I had very high expectations of this mascara because the tip of the brush has spikes! If you've picked up Givenchy's mascaras before or seen someone raving about it, you'd know that Givenchy's brush is that of a ball of spikes. And this Benefit design really reminds me of Givenchy's. 

Basically, you point the spiky tip straight into your lashes, and move the wand across your lashes. Due to the spiky tip, the brush would have picked up some product there, and when you move the tip across, you would deposit all those products right into the lashes, and this is said to greatly helps volumize the lashes.

Bleh, don't trust them. This Benefit one does not works at all because the formula is too liquid and doesn't sticks well onto the lashes. I've tested the Givenchy one in-store, and no, that doesn't works as well. So much for the raves.

Spikes on ball of tip.

I think the formula just does not works at all. It is liquid-y and feels very light, but strangely, it always weighs my lashes down! No matter how I curl my lashes, using different curlers, heated and not, hold for more than 20 seconds, nah, the moment Benefit they're Real goes on, my lashes tick tock tick tock, all fall down.

I think you can also see for yourself how this has zero lengthening effect. Don't trust those statistical claims on the box.

The only thing that this mascara does, is to volumize a bit. I think this is more like a highlighter, you know, when you use a neon yellow highlighter on your textbooks... ... Basically, what this mascara does is to bod your lashes just that teeny weeny bit, and make it look like your lashes are still there. But it does nothing to lengthen or curl.

Overall Effect
I find that this mascara is best used to simply bold your lashes, on days when you want really, really, extremely natural lashes, to go with a natural/naked look. This mascara makes your lashes look real, and I actually thought this is the reason for the name they're Real, but I realize that no, this is not the reason.

You can't use this mascara with heavy eye looks, like smokey eye or a night look. It just doesn't shows up because it does not lengthens or curls. And it is not the best in volumizing that I've got.

Here are some full face shots to show what I mean by this mascara being a lash-highlighter at best.

On my face: Dr Jart BB Cream, SANA Loose Powder, Canmake Eyeshadow Base, (from Naked Palette) Half-Baked (center of lids), Smog (outer-V), Sidecar (inner-V), and Virgin (inner corner and brow bone highlight), Darkhorse to fill my brows, and Benefit they're Real Beyong Mascara. 

It has been such a pain in the neck trying to be faithful to this, and using this exclusively for the last 4 weeks after I reviewed that Essence Multi-Action False Lashes Mascara. I really miss Essence, and I want to use that back again!!

On my face: Maybelline Jelly Glow in Sweet Momo, Le Metier de Beaute blush in Echo, L'oreal Color Richie Lipstick in Rosebud. I hate it that my neck is tanned, but my chest is not. Now my chest is naturally fair and same as my face with whitening loose powder, but my beck is naturally more tanned. Blah. I should have put makeup on my neck, I know. T_T

I think you can pass this. 2.5/5.
Benefit they're Real does not do what it promises to do on the box at all. It is at best a lash-highlighter that is best used when you have no eyeshadow or only want to go out with a natural/naked look. Otherwise, it will not show up at all.

Of course, I still have my uses for this, and will use it when I want absolutely "naked" look. But I think it is not worth the roughly $40 price tag just for giving a "naked" look, because you can always get a cheap drugstore mascara, and I bet no matter how lousy it is, it will highlight your lashes.

To do more than just highlight, there are cheaper alternatives like the Essence Multi-Action False Lashes Mascara, Sasa Superdolly, L'oreal Volumizing Collagen, Maybelline Intense XXL.

PS: I am the stupidest person ever to not have stocked up the Maybelline Intense XXL because it has been discontinued for 2 over years now. =((( I remember back then, even Michelle Phan was recommending it. Now, I can't quite find a drugstore replacement for Intense XXL. SIGH.

P/S/S: I love my FOTD. haha. =) Humour me that it's nice. Just like how soft and subtle the blush is, and how goldie bronze the eyes are. And I know I haven't blogged a rave about L'oreal Color Richie, but just a heads up, Color Richie is worth buying. And Rosebud is my color, like my lips, but better.

Have you tested/bought Benefit they're Real Beyond Mascara? What do you think of it? Yay or Nay? Have you tried other Benefit mascaras in the past? Any good?


Ying said...

thanks so much for the helpful review, i was going to purchase this to try since theres so much hype with this product, but i'm glad i didn't as i hate mascara that weighs my lashes down! My favourite mascara is Lancome hypnose waterproof hehe :) lots of curl and length <3

Jyoan said...

Hi Ying, yes, I've heard so much about Lancome Hypnose too. Unfortunately, when I tested it in-store, I found that I could rub it off with water.

Glad this helped. =)

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