Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sometimes, I Need a Boost! - Enervon with Vitamin C

Work has been really draining recently, with many late nights to go through. I feel like I cannot open my eyes everyday, and no amount of sleep is enough. That's when I finally bowed, and took to eating vitamins.

ENERVON with Vitamin C - Series 3: Energy and Body Resistance

Available: Unity NTUC Healthcare, $13.48

Volume: 30 caplets

Star Properties: Specially developed high potency vitamin B complex with 500 mg vitamin C. Prescribed by doctors, ENERVON with Vitamin C enhances mental and physical energy to cope with stress as you confront the challenges of life, boosts your immunity system against various illnesses and diseases, optimizes energy release of food nutrients for improved work performance. (These are written on the top side of the packaging, but I forgot to take a photo of that side, so I am typing it out.)

Why Vitamin C
I know that Vitamin C is one of the easiest vitamin to get. It is basically present in citrus fruits and anything that is a bit orange, like carrots. But yes, like most urbanites, I still find it  hard to take fruits with every single meal. I do try to buy fruit whenever I see a reasonably priced fruit stall out there. Yet I somehow feel I lack Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is water-soluble, so it needs to be replenished with every meal.

I also kind of have to swear by the effects of Vitamin C because my mother made me eat the pills everyday until I reached secondary school. And I do find my immunity going down after I stopped eating them.

Why I bought
The biggest reason I bought, other than price, is because this brand only requires you to take the pill once a day. I just totally hate those that need to be taken 3 times a day, because I am out all day, and I do not like packing pills in my bag.

I guess you'd just have to trust the manufacturer that if they say take once a day, then it is slow-release, and will last you at least during working hours. BUT, I wouldn't guarantee this to you. I think it is always about how you yourself want to strike a balance between the costs, the types of vitamins in a single pill, the amount of each vitamin in a single pill, and the convenience of the pills.

There are definitely those that are triple the price, claiming more of everything. But personally, I do make it a point to eat foods of very different colors at every meal, and to eat fruits as often as I can, so I really don't think I need a pill that gives me 100% daily intake. You can overdose on Vitamin C, even though it sounds like the most harmless vitamin in the world. So be careful of that.

I also decided to get the Vitamin C together with Vitamin B complex, because like I said, I am feeling lethargic from work and lack of sleep.

And I am glad to announce, that I really find this helps! It's like drinking coffee, just without the effects of caffeine (leading to high blood pressure in the term).

Whether it is the placebo effect that I am feeling, haha, I wouldn't know. But as far as this is going, I find myself with more sustained energy throughout the day!

What I really like about it
I really like the way this is tasteless. I have eaten those green colored multivitamins and whatnot before, and they all tastes horrible. I just hate eating pills because most of them look and taste like drugs (as in medicine, not illegal drugs), all bitter and melty in the mouth. =(

This is different. There is no smell or taste, and won't melt into powder upon touching your tongue. Awesome.

Last but not least, I like the color. It makes me smile, it makes me happy. =DDD

"Hooked" on ENERVON: 5/5
An effective one for its price. Enough cover if you are eating balanced meals every time, everyday. In all honesty, pretty much any brand of Vitamin C and any orange (fruit) in the market will do. But I just like the way this has the basic Vitamin Bs too.

If you're lacking in Vitamin D (for those who don't eat green leafy vegetables), calcium (for those who can't/don't drink milk or take dairy and beans), iron and magnesium (for those who can't/don't take red meat or red beans or red food), and zinc, you may want to consider multivitamins instead.

And then add on fish oil or flaxseed oil (for those who can't/don't eat high fat fish and nuts).

PS: I strongly advise not to buy chewable gums. Check the ingredients list unless you want to eat extra teaspoon of sugar on a daily basis. I was irked when I saw the latest Scott's Vitamin C gummies. (To be fair, Scott's is not the only one.)

I mean, I understand how parents want to make little kids eat vitamins, and I don't really expect a kid to swallow that (*points to my photo of ENERVON up there). But try to refrain from sugared pills, really. Say no to extra fat.

For kids, go for those dissolvables. They are so much more fun, and of course, check the ingredients to make sure the manufacturers didn't dope your dissolvable tablet with sugar!

Do you take vitamins daily? Which do you eat? If not, are you thinking of starting on them? 


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I regularly take vitamins but I don't take Vitamin C since I regularly eat/drink things with it in there. Vita C is very beneficial in so many ways :D

Jyoan said...

Which vitamins do you take? =)

Herryponting said...

So informative..
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