Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Sephora Singapore (Haul) - Laura Mercier, Smashbox, Stila, M.A.C, Chanel

Sephora is bringing in a couple of cult brands into Singapore this year, beginning with Laura Mercier and Stila (already in stores), Philosophy (end April), and most likely Tom Ford (sometime later this year). So naturally, I just had to make time for Sephora in my busy schedule. =D

I was already overjoyed when the announcement for Laura Mercier was made and I couldn't believe it when I heard Philosophy too! I mean, can you believe it? People who only have access to Sephora Southeast Asia have been starving for so long. So many were disappointed when Sephora came 3 years ago with only Urban Decay, Make Up For Ever, Too Faced and Smashbox. Still, where is NARS????? We are still waiting.

Don't get me wrong, I swear by Asian mascaras, BB Creams, skincare and haircare. But there is just this human nature to want things that one doesn't already have. And I will honestly admit that while most of the makeup are comparable, Asian powders still tend to be a lot less pigmented than their Western counterparts. So for someone who prefers pigmented products, West is really the way to go.

It is good to be in Singapore, which is right in the middle of everything, and we basically get to compare and pick the best from both sides of the world.

That said, I will now dive in to the haul!

I have prepared two videos to complement this, for those who prefer an audio version and less information. =P

Part 1

I have no idea why I can't find my video from Blogger's Youtube-embed function. So here's the link to Part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKa3Fv7ZuCk

The first brand I looked at is Laura Mercier (of course). I have been lemming for their translucent loose powder since more than 3 years ago. I remember back then, Laura Mercier was the first brand I found when I was googling for loose powders. Then I found Sephora online, clicked on a number of items, but stopped short when I found that there was no international shipping. So yes, I had to get the translucent powder.

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder Translucent retails at $56 at Sephora Singapore.

And the next thing I got is the foundation primer, which according to the sales assistant, is Laura Mercier's  top seller of all time. I bought it because I read that their primers are all silicone-free.

I don't normally buy primers because all of them I've seen come with large amounts of silicone, and I am allergic to silicones. I do not buy moisturizers that are silicone-heavy too, but I do buy products with some silicone content, like BB Creams and sunscreen. However, I am very careful about monitoring myself when I start of using because I have got a great big serious breakout the very first time I used a silicone-heavy product.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer retails at $52 at Sephora Singapore.

Next, I got the tinted moisturizer. I originally didn't pick this up because it contains silicones, but the sales assistant was quite persistent to help me find my shade. I did have half a mind to get it, so I allowed her to try. And yes, I was convinced I should at least give it a shot!

My shade is Bisque, and I am NC23-25. One shade darker would be Sand. The SA tested Sand on me and it was too yellow. However, Sand is perfect on the back of my hand, which is still very tanned from my Phuket trip. Bisque was obviously too light on the back of my hand.

So yes, if you intend to get this tinted moisturizer, it is like buying foundation, and you do need to get your skin tone matched to a shade.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer retails at $68 at Sephora Singapore.

One more thing I got from Laura Mercier is an eyeshadow single in Cafe au lait. It is a true milk coffee color, and I thought it'd be good for me to own a nice eyebrow color. Laura Mercier's colors are all basic, and if you have your matte whites, taupe, base skin color, things like M.A.C Saddle and/or Espresso, I think there is no need to get any of the Laura Mercier eyeshadow singles.

Laura Mercier Eye Colour Plum retails at $35 at Sephora Singapore.

The SA did promote the glitter/sparkle baked eyeshadows and the glitter blush/highlighters to me. But I am not fond of that over-glitter so I turned her down.

And last from Laura Mercier, I got the creme lipstick in Rose.

Laura Mercier Lipcolour retails at $33 at Sephora Singapore. I do like the glittery case of Laura Mercier's cosmetics. =)

The second brand I bought from is Smashbox. I got their new Be Discovered eye palette, one of the cheek trio and a lipstick called Melondrama.

Smashbox Be Discovered Eyeshadow Palette retails at $79 at Sephora Singapore.

The palette is pastel, and very suitable for Spring/Summer. Quality of the swatches I made was very good. In any case, Smashbox has always been pretty good at eyeshadows. It is more about whether you think you like the colors, which I do. =D

I bought the cheek trio that is more brown, called Show Biz, because it suits my skin tone better than the pink one. The lightest shade in the brown cheek trio can also be used for highlighting.

Smashbox Cream Cheek Trio retails at $42 at Sephora Singapore.

I also got the lipstick because the texture felt good when I tried, and the color is just too awesome to resist. I actually felt like getting all three, especially Honey, which is the nude one.

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick retails at $30 at Sephora Singapore.

Moving on, I have Stila's eye palette In The Garden. Stila has three eye palettes in Sephora now, one of the other two is purple-based, and the last is more brown. In the Garden is the latest if I am not wrong, and it is also very neutral, not to mention, it is definitely the most suitable for Spring/Summer if you're concerned about matching eyeshadow colors with the weather.

It comes with that how to use Stila's colors little booklet you see at the bottom!

Stila In The Garden Eyeshadow Palette retails at $55 at Sephora Singapore.

I really like how balanced In The Garden is, with two base/highlighter colors, two blending colors, 2 crease colors, and 4 strong lid/definition colors. It is just too amazing to turn down. haha.

My gut feeling tells me that Stila is a better buy than Smashbox, because Smashbox is more pastel, less neutral. Stila is also cheaper. But really, no guarantee. I will need to test both out before making a verdict. Testers are there and wide opened should you pop down to check it out. =D

And just when I wanted to walk out of Sephora, I saw M.A.C's new collection that came in just 4 days ago - Extra Dimension.

I admit that I think they look fantastic, but after viewing lots of posts from Temptalia,  I decided those are actually colors that I already have. And what is different is probably just the quality and texture. So I didn't get the shadows or highlighters. I got the brushes instead.

M.A.C Split Fibre Eye Brush 234 and Cheek Brush 128 retails at all M.A.C outlets in Singapore for $39, and $59 respectively, for the limited edition collection of Extra Dimension, while stocks lasts.

The brushes are really special, one for cheek and one for blending. They are meant for duo use, both dry and wet, because all the Extra Dimension products can be used both dry and wet.

Last but not least, phew, finally, I simply had to visit Chanel. I wanted to get a flesh color eyeliner but that was out of stock. So I got Rouge Coco Shine in Monte Carlo, which is a watermelon red. Rouge Coco Shine is touted to me more hydrating than the Rouge Cocos. So, I am going to test it out!

Rouge Coco Shine retails at all Chanel counters in Singapore for $45.

Alright, that's all for the products.

But there are two updates for Sephora Singapore.
1. Sephora membership is now permanent. You can get it for free as long as you accumulate $250. For the each subsequent dollar spent, you will get 1 Sephora point in the card. When you accumulate the next 250 points, you can go online to redeem a 10% voucher. This voucher can only be used for one day, as the SA told me.

This card can be used in Sephora Malaysia, but you will only get 1 point with every 3 ringgit spent. So I do suppose buying in Singapore is better. Plus, if I am not wrong, Malaysians are also entitled to tax rebate if you buy from Sephora Singapore, as long as you produce your passport (basically claim this the way you would claim tax rebate in any other country).

All members can go to www.sephora-sea.com to check their points and redeem the voucher.
You will also get a birthday surprise, which I have no idea what. However, my birthday is coming, and I will let you know what the surprise is! (Probably more discounts, but I'd prefer more free things. LOL.)

2. UOB has signed Sephora onto their list of permanent partner retailers. Meaning, you can now get 3% cash rebate if you pay with your UOB card at Sephora, just like the way you get all other UOB rebates. UOB points can also be redeemed at Sephora.

Last but not least, if there is anything here that you'd like to see a review of quickly, feel free to let me know in the comments box below. =)
So with all these new goodies and such great news, have you checked out Sephora recently? Did you get anything? What are they, and why? If not, how did you manage to resist all those temptations? =PP


memoiselle said...

whoa that's a great haul!!
I am thinking to get more things from Laura Mercier too :)
I recently purchased the lip plumper and very happy about it.

Jyoan said...

Hi memoiselle, haha, yes, it's always that once a year Spring collection that I haul. Oh, I went back the next day to get the plumper! Yes, yes it is a good product!

Caiti said...

Hi. Can i know how much the Laura mercier tinted moisturizer cost? Thanks :)

Jyoan said...

Hi Caiti, the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is $68.

PS: To all readers, I've also edited my post to include all the prices. I've originally wanted to put the price in only when I review each product. =P Hope it helps in one way or other.

misspeony said...

Very nice!
we can follow each others!!


Asvita said...

Hi, I am visiting singapore soon and very excited to try brands not available in my country. .could you let me know if the prices you mentioned are in USD or SGD ?

Joey Anna said...

Hi Asvita,

the prices I list are all in SGD, unless otherwise stated.

Welcome to Singapore in advance!

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