Saturday, 28 April 2012

SANA Loose Powder

Wonder why I've never blogged about this... ... I think it's because I didn't really like the SANA Loose Powder at first, but recently, I've grown to appreciate it a lot more.

Back then, I was asking around for recommendations of loose powder, and this SANA popped up the most, so I took the plunge and bought it even though I found it so expensive for such a small tub.

By now, I've finished more than half of it and am ready to give a review.

SANA Loose Powder

Available: John Little, $18.90. Sasa.

Volume: Hmmm, doesn't seems to be in the label.

Star Properties: Top seller in Japan. Portable Maiko-han 'loose' powder. Porous powder to absorb extra sebum. Smooth all day long even in high temperature, humid climate. Cherry blossom color powder covers discoloration and pores. Moisturizing silk-derived ingredient. Always keep puff clean.

oh gosh, and I just see that it's expired!  You see, I tore off the label and stuck it under the cover so that I can refer to it when I decide to blog about it. And the cover is like that because I pour the powder into the cover and use the brush to dip in it as though one were using mineral powder.

I don't like it because it's too small. Too small and costs so much. =(

I also don't like the screw cover.

It comes with a puff, like most loose powders would.

I was using the puff up until I got my Bdellium Tools brushes, and I found the Bdellium Tools powder brush so nice to buff loose powder that I stopped using this puff.

I don't like this puff because it tends to deposit too much powder on, yet it does not helps when I attempt to use it to blend out.

A good powder brush works far better in terms of blending loose powder, and giving that really light dewy look.

The puff that I never really liked.

And underneath the puff.

The Powder
At first, I found the powder too light for my skin, but this is already the darker of the two shades, and this explains why the SANA loose powder was just not loved by me for a really, really long time.

I also don't think the powder is as fine as my Nature Republic Prism Powder, though the people who recommended this swear that SANA's powder is really fine.

Till now, I don't think this powder is fine, but it is good enough, and will work nicely if you use a good powder brush.

The Holed Plate
haha, I've no idea what this is called, but it's basically the cap for loose powders that has lots of holes so you don't pour out too much powder.

I like this. I think it works way better than Palgantong Theatrical Powder, which is not good at all.

How I Use It
I used to use the puff, but I've since discovered that good powder brushes will be able to work loose powders much, much better, and give that air-brushed dewy look.

I normally use the Bdellium Tools 959 powder brush. But for today, I am using the e.l.f powder brush (which is more like a flat top kabuki) because I just received my 11 piece travel set, and I want to do all my makeup only from it just so I can fully experience e.l.f brushes before I review them.

So basically, I dip the e.l.f brush into the powder, and sort of stipple/buff/puff it all over my face.

e.l.f powder brush.

As said, simply pour some powder into the cover, and swirl this brush inside, then tap the brush to release the loose powder so you're left with only the bare minimum.

With this, stipple it all over your face. I personally layer once on the right side of my face, dip the powder, layer another on my left, dip the powder, layer on my forehead, and take one last dip in the powder, layer all over my face.

By this time, I would feel that the stickiness of my BB Cream is gone, and feel a nice, smooth, satin finish. I do use my fingers to lightly tap my skin to check if I can still feel that stickiness. I also turn my head to check my face in the mirror. Normally, if the powder has successfully covered all the BB Cream, I would not see shine, but I would see a dewy-matte finish. With that, we're done.

One big tip that I've learned the hard way over the years is that Less is More! Putting just enough loose powder can make all the difference in the world, to whether your makeup would look healthy and natural, whether it would crease, whether it would become flaky or chunky.

Staying Power of SANA Loose Powder
I think this stays really well. It keeps my makeup right there where it is even after 12 hours. I think for this reason, I am willing to overlook the part where it is not fine enough.

Mattifying Effect
If you're really looking for perfection, you could bring this powder out, and simply use a large powder brush to very, very lightly sweep a bit of loose powder across your T-zone. SANA does the trick beautifully. If your cheeks are slightly oily, just dab the large brush lightly in powder, and tap over spot areas. And your makeup will look fresh again! (I learned this from a sales assistant.)

I use this to blend away concealer, and also set concealer for acne spots. And it's really good. Simply use the brush to push into the spots where there is concealer, and the concealer will blend in. =D

At the end of the day, I like this: 3.5/5.
I am using this every time I makeup now. So definitely think it does its job. But the first impression wasn't too good, and I still don't like the fact that the small size is so small yet so costly. =( Also, I prefer my loose powders to be finer than this, so I will not repurchase this. Also, I've got tons of loose powders by now, because haha, like most people collect foundation, I collect loose powders since I don't use foundations. I think loose powders are so, so, so important to set everything and keep the dewy look.


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