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Philosophy Haul @ Sephora Singapore

I just made another haul! For those of you who saw the previous haul from just a months ago, that was because Laura Mercier and Stila came. And now, Philosophy, a cult brand in the US that started in 1996, has come.

Amazing times in beauty for Singaporeans because I just read that Giorgio Armani cosmetics is in Singapore!! So going to have to get the Eyes To Kill eyeshadows some day.

Let's get into the haul!

All the skincare products.

If you prefer audio version, view my video:

I actually didn't want to get the cleanser, but when I tested it, it just feels way to good to pass. It has that really light feeling comparable to my Holy Grail gel cleanser.

Besides, the sales assistant, Kylie actually used it generously to cleanse off all the swatches I had on the back of my hand, and on my arm. I was convinced because this 3-in-1 cleanser can take off makeup well!

 Purity Made Simple Cleanser, $34.

I got this because it pique my interest and is mineral oil-free I love cleansing oils.

Purity Made Simple Cleansing Oil, $39.

This one was recommended by Kylie after she put the mask on me. I didn't get the mask though. Also, this is actually the only item I went to Sephora for. I have heard so many raves about this one.

 When Hope Is Not Enough Hydrating Antioxidant Serum, $65.

I got Eye Hope because as it says, it gives me hope that my fine lines can be reduced.

Eye Hope Multitasking Eye Cream for Dark Circles, Puffiness and Lines, $65.

Hope In A Jar feels so good and miraculously light. This comes in three types, the oil-free gel is more for oily skin, but is fine for normal, combination and even dehydrated/dry skin, as long as you like it.

The other two felt too heavy for my liking.

I am just kind of surprise that this is much smaller than it looks in all those advertorial pictures.

Hope In A Jar oil-free gel moisturizer, $59.

I got Pure Grace body gel because it is so value for money, and because I really like the scent of the matching Pure Grace perfume.

Pure Grace shampoo, bath and shower gel, $42. 

Love the perfume. It lasted all day for me, 6 hours straight till I got home and took my shower.

I definitely think Philosophy is the perfume you want to get if you're in Singapore because I have tried all those Gucci Flora, Bvlgari, Ferragamo, etc, and I didn't like any one of them. haha, but scent is a really personal thing, so do check it out yourself.

There are three other scent from Philosophy that you may like better than Pure Grace. Pure Grace features a soap and water-clean fragrance, while the pink Amazing Grace is a really sweet one.

 Pure Grace edt.

Love the bottle because transparent is my favorite "color".

Pure Grace edt 60ml, $69. 

And I just had to take a picture with this. haha.

Lighting was really good.

For every $120 spent on Philosophy products, you will receive a Philosophy Pouch containing a few sample size gifts.

Love the pouch because it is small enough to fit into my handbag, but still big enough to keep a good amount of cash/cards or mirror, sanitary stuff, whatever you want.

Free philosophy pouch with $120 purchase.

The free gifts include a nice 90 ml bottle of Purity cleanser, 7 ml tube of Hope In A Jar, and 2 ml sachet of Eye Hope.

Awesomeness! Seriously, 90 ml volume of cleanser could last me 4-5 months.

And Philosophy is actually giving away its 2 best-selling products, so you can purchase their other products to try till you make $120, and you don't have to buy the cleanser and Eye Hope!

The 3 goodies. 

Best thing about the pouch is that it has this elastic compartment on one side.

 Elastic compartment on one side.

One last free gift is the Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti-aging concentrate.

Everything in the Miracle Worker range is hugely expensive. But all anti-aging products are expensive. =(  Not sure what I'll do when I get to that stage.

 Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti-aging concentrate. 3.6ml free gift.

The good things about Philosophy for now, is that they have hired a full time consultant. And she will give you a consultation card.

My card. My consultant is Kylie from Sephora Ion. 

She gladly and generously tested the mask, the cleanser, the serum, the moisturizer, and the cleansing oil on me. =D

Hope: maintain skin youth & hydration range for day and night. 

In the card, there are all the ranges that Philosophy has, from hydration to anti-aging. And for each range, there are the 4 essential items you might like to have for both day and night. The consultant helped me to tick off what I bought so I can refer if needed.

Miracle Worker: reduce wrinkles, lines & recover skin firmness range for day and night.

Keep The Peace: reduce skin's redness & relieve sensitivity range for day and night. 

Perfect Additions: recover skin' radiance and vitality range for day and night. 

Miracle Worker: even skin tone, reduce dark spots and brighten the complexion range for day and night.

That's all! I will review this as soon as possible. I just finished the last drop of Hada Labo today!

Have you checked out the Philosophy products at Sephora? How do you find them? Did you purchase any? If not, do you intend to get any?

Thank you for your time!

Yours sincerely,


B said...

Oooooh yay! So glad that Singapore has Philosophy now. I used their cleanser for yearssssss. Loving this haul!

anonymoushedonist said...

ooooh do tell us if the eye hope works because i have fine lines under my eyes too. i bought the vitamin c turbo booster powder the other day from philosophy and i quite like it. i've heard so much about the cleanser, think i might just have to give it a try once my current cleanser runs out!

Jyoan said...

No problem! I can't wait to try it too. I have 7-8 mm left of my current eye serum. Need to finish it!

Jyoan said...

Hi B, wow, really? Cleanser is that good? Nice to hear. Seriously can't wait to try everything. I haven't been so excited about any skincare product range for a long time.

candicehaha said...

this product really good!

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