Saturday, 7 April 2012

NOTD: Dior Incognito - Sweet Pastel Rose Pink

Sometimes, some colors just cannot be resisted.

The latest Dior Vernis in Incognito is one of them.

I just couldn't let this one go when I saw how wearable for everyday this is. It is a sweet pastel rose pink, and in terms of type of color, I see it as a pink nude, that reminds me of flesh. I actually put on my SHEENe lipstick today, and I realize it is the exact same color!

Besides, I found out that the Dior Vernis is better than the Chanel's one! haha. This is my first Dior nail polish by the way. =P

I've always not been 100% happy with Chanel's nail polishes. I find that they apply way too sheer even if I do it 3 times, and they chip really easily. In addition, the Chanel brush is round and reminds me of poor quality brushes.

Conversely, Dior's formula is way thicker and covers my nails nicely in one coat, while still drying really quickly into a smooth (non-streaky) gloss finish. Moreover, the Dior brush is fat like the one in Rimmel Lycra Pro. I am overjoyed to find another brand features that fat brush (except that Dior is some 6 times the price of Lycra Pro)!

Incognito reminds me of Sally Hansen Insta-dri Espresso, because they are of the same tone. But Espresso is definitely a lot darker, slightly more brown, while Incognito is on the pinky flesh slight slight beige side.

I like this: 5/5
Not a must-buy because it is really on the expensive side. But if you still have budget for beauty this month, and don't have a nude polish, why not consider Incognito? =) Quite sure you won't be disappointed.


Ying said...

This is such a great colour~ i haven't actually tried any of the dior nail polishes. I agree with you about the Chanel polishes' brush because i always struggle to apply it neatly onto my nails.
After reading this post, i may check out dior polishes in the future :D
Thank you for sharing


Jyoan said...

haha. yes. Hope you'll like Dior Vernis too!

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