Friday, 13 April 2012

LOTD: Red Lips feat. Maybelline Colour Sensational Red Revival (adapted from Cleo Singapore)

So I saw this really beautiful series of ads in Cleo, and I just had to reproduce the look the model is wearing. I knew I just bought a straight red lipstick from Maybelline, so I thought I could do it. =)

Face front.

Compare with the model on Cleo.

To critique myself, I definitely think the model has much thicker and darker brows, which I somehow am very adverse to doing. I still want my look to be more wearable, so I tend to tone things until I am personally comfortable with wearing. =P My apologies for not following to the T, but if you have no qualms about wearing thick dark brows, go ahead and draw them out.

And these are the makeup and tools I used.

 Makeup (from center to top clockwise): Stila Smudge Pot in Kittene.l.f eyeshadow singles - off-white and flesh colorRevlon Colourstay 12 Hour Eyeshadow in 20 Sunrise, Sunset (Flesh color on top), Nvey Eco Eco Organic Eye Colour System in No. 1 (Brown), Daiso Nose Shadow (Bronzer), MUJI Liquid Liner in Black, MUFE Eye Pencil in White, Essence Multi-Action False Lashes Mascara, Majolica Majorca Lash Beautifying Masca Frame Plus (the one with the saw-tooth comb), Rhomlon Brow Pencil in Brown, Palgantong Kamayaki Cheek in Passion Orange, Maybelline Colour Sensational in 645 Red Revival

That's a lot! haha. Sometimes you wouldn't know how much you're using until you put them all together.

And the best part is that I realize just how many products I have been using so very often but have never blogged about them. I have linked all those products that I've talked about before to my blog posts. Do check them out if you would like to know more. =D

Brushes (from left to right): Lauren Luke eyeshadow shading brush, Lauren Luke pencil brush, EcoTools fluffy eyeshadow blending brush, EcoTools kabuki brush, Lauren Luke contour brush, Sonia Kashuk blush brush, Etude House stippling brush, M.A.C 128 duo-sided, duo fibre cheek brush.

And I happily forgotten to include my Anna Sui eyelash curler. =P But it doesn't matters because really, you can use whatever brand your favorite lash curler is.

Here, I would say both the EcoTools brushes are phenomenal and I've yet to find another brand that can achieve the same powerful blending effect that EcoTools offer. But for the rest of the brushes, you pretty much can use your favorite brand.

This part makes me feel even worst because I've never blogged about my favorite brushes.

If you'd like to see how I uses these cosmetic products and tools to create the look, please view my video below: =)

I amazingly managed to edit the video to a mere 8 minutes odd. In reality, I definitely took a longer time than that.

Also, I realize how much work it is for the other girls on Youtube to video, edit and upload their videos. Just this 8 minutes took me 3-4 days of working on it, including crafting this post. haha, but I guess it may be because I am an amateur, and just perhaps, it may get faster in time (but as far as the other girls say, it never really gets easier no matter how experienced you are).

And these are some still shots for reference:

Eyes open.

I didn't mention in the video, but the model in Cleo actually has a really cute downward pointing eyeliner that hooks in a cute manner upwards at the end. This can be seen more clearly in the still shot than in my video.

She also has really strong cheek colors (but very natural eyes).

Eyes closed.

I really, really like the natural contouring of the eyes using brown. I liked it so much, I modified this look into a more wearable for everyday one, which I will make another post on. =DDD

Sometimes, when you think you cannot achieve something, but you try, and you did it the first time, the sense of satisfaction is just exhilarating. I may not have hit the model's look 100%, but seeing how alike, and done all with very normal products, just gives you that feeling of achievement.

I always like to encourage people around me to try, you really never know what's going to happen. And you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. This applies to life too not just makeup, doesn't it?

The good thing about trying in makeup, is really that you can erase and correct. You can't do so in life.

Back to this look, I liked it so much, I had to pose in front of my webcam too. =P I hope you like it too!

This is posted also to give you a smile, and end off in a smile. haha.  =) Goodbye.

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Do you like trying new looks? Have you tried reproducing a look from ads? Did you find it easy? Share your thoughts on trying new looks with me (I don't mind links being posted if they are relevant to this post). =)


B said...

Your blush application is simply amazing and your lips were made for red. And girlfriend, you look 10x more amazing than the lady in the ad. Beautiful look!

Jyoan said...

awww, thanks! I always feel uncomfortable wearing red. =P=)

Charminn said...

Hi, May I know how much is the red lip stick and where can I buy it in Singapore? Thanks!

Jyoan said...

Hi Charminn, It's $17.90, and if you catch it during 20% off at Watsons, it will be $14.30. If you can find it at 30% off at Guardian, it will be even better. =)

I am seeing Watsons having that 20% in a few outlets right now. Hope this helps!

Charminn said...


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