Wednesday, 11 April 2012

fresh eau de parfum in Hesperides

The fresh eau de parfum in Hesperides is one of those wonderful surprise finds that I got while shopping in Sephora back in December.

I now have a love-hate relationship with it for very good reasons.

 fresh eau de parfum in Hesperides

Available: Sephora

Volume: 30 ml

Star Properties: Comes in small and big bottles. This brands concentrates on creating fresh natural scents (so far).

If you prefer to watch and/or listen, check out my video review now (it's only 9 minutes):

I like the clean look it has, with white box, light blue linings, transparent no-frills typical bottle-shaped bottle as if this was a bottle of wine.

Hesperides is a very fresh tangerine fragrance that gives me that feeling that I've just came out of the bath, and stepped straight into a mythical garden.

It is ultra unique as I do not know of any mass market perfume brand like CK, Chanel, Gucci, even Cartier, that carries the freshness of this.

I am not sure if the Hermes garden range would be somewhat similar to this. But in my very personal opinion, I think that fragrance is one beauty product that you somehow can't have dupes for. Moreover, the same perfume can smell entirely different depending on your current mood. It is just something rather strange and personal. So I do think you will find fresh perfumes unique too.

Quality of perfume
My major gripe with this is that it does not lasts at all. I really, really hate to bring a bottle of perfume out in my already heavy shoulder bag!

I am not into the act of running to the toilet to spritz more as the day goes on too!

Other scents from fresh
I do love the other scents that fresh has, and I remember one that smells of fresh cigar being smoked. I am not advocating smoking, but I just found it really refreshing, really one of a kind and this made me feel like collecting all the fresh perfumes!

This is expensive. =( I will not repurchase for now. Fragrances are not something that I like to repurchase because I feel that there are just too many coming out everyday right now, and I can always find something better after I've finished each bottle. Plus, I really don't have the habit of wearing perfume daily.

Overall, I kind of like it, 4/5.
LOVE the scent to bits. Hate the way it does not lasts yet is so expensive. But if you do have spare cash to spend, no harm checking out all the fresh perfumes and decide if there is anyone you'd like to have. =)


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