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First ieat High Tea Session (Singapore) @ Marmalade Pantry At The Stables

I was at the ieat High Tea Session this afternoon, together with lots of food-photo enthusiasts and foodies, and it was such a fun and informative session!

Here are some photos of the food, and I will add in points as we go along. =D

I was pleasantly surprised that Marmalade Pantry allocated seats to each and everyone, so there really will be no fighting and squeezing, and disadvantage for those who somehow turn up late. Thumbs up to them for being so thoughtful.

 Table setting. The card has my name, but I obviously edited this photo and blanked it out. =)

And there, right in the background of the photo, beside that bright screen, is the mind behind ieatishootipost, Dr. Leslie Tay. I really respect him, as a father, a doctor, and a blogger, a great eater, an awesome self-taught photographer, and quite a bit of a philanthropist. It is not easy wearing so many hats in life. He has even published one of Singapore's best-selling book, titled "The End of Char Kway Teow" (I own a copy and I forgot to bring for him to sign T.T).

He actually got his son to be the photographer for this afternoon, and really, it is not often that I see a young boy so good with a camera that's longer than his forearms (I reckon)!

 Dr Tay introducing tea to us.

As a Singaporean, I am definitely proud to say that we have a blogger that's great in his own rights.

This is pretty much what Marmalade Pantry looks like. Beautiful orange lights for ambience in there. I've seen some other reviews of the food and ambiance, and they are all pretty good. The only con is that it is an extremely inaccessible place because the nearest bus stop is 1.1 km away, on the main road where Hwa Chong Institution stands.

So yes, unless you own a car or are willing to pay for cab in (which I had to due to the rain and fact that I didn't want to sweat before having a nice tea), this place is really not a human place to go on normal days. This afternoon is not normal though, as it is the first ieat High Tea.

 My obsession with lights. I just had to photograph the ambience. =D

I had great company this afternoon, with this really friendly table of people. The gentleman in white graciously poured tea for all of us the entire afternoon. I am not sure if he did not feel good having to do that, but I definitely appreciate the goodwill. =) Yep, if somehow he's reading my blog for I don't know what reason, Thank You So Much!

This is the first blend of tea from the highest part of the mountains in Sri Lanka, where one of the Dilmah processing factory and plantation is at. And it is called the Ran Watte tea.

I LOVE this tea because it has the strongest grass fields fragrance despite being the lightest in taste.

I am definitely high on smell when it comes to kopi-o-kosong and teh-o-kosong (real-brewed coffee and tea without milk and sugar). But for those who are less concerned with smell and higher on taste, Ran Watte is not for you.

For example, the gentleman who poured tea for us prefers the Uda Watte 5000 ft tea (heavier) and the Seasonal Flush.

The color is definitely lighter for Ran Watte than the heavier blends from lower down the mountains.

 Ran Watte Dilmah tea.

In case you're wondering, I paid for my place at ieat High Tea, and I am not sponsored/compensated by Dilmah to write this. However, Dilmah did sponsor all the tea for this event.

The first dim sum/dessert that came with the Ran Watte tea was this salmon-wrap-cheese boat.

I liked every bit of it. The sandwich bread was toasted/fried (I really don't know) till just crisp, and had a detectable butter taste yet was not overly oily. The salmon was fresh enough. Yes, I love sashimi. And I nicely surprised by the cream cheese in the middle. I thought it was mayonnaise. It would have been horrid to get a chunk of mayonnaise! Like eww, but thank goodness, it's cheese.

The combination went very well, and it pretty matched the Ran Watte tea. I did find this slightly heavier than Ran Watte though. Perhaps a steam dim sum would be better.

The next dim sum that came with the Uda Watte 5000 ft tea is gyoza. I like the way the gyoza was covered by foam (of gyoza juice I guess???). It made me felt as though I was eating Western fluffy milk? haha. It's that foam feeling you get when you go to McCafe and order a cup of steamed milk.

And I spotted this really pretty sight out the window. I like flowers, and I am fond of Birds of Paradise because of the bright color amidst dark green and the elegance of the "feathers".

 I hope you enjoy this sight of Spring flower too.

I was a bit taken aback by this next one. haha. Couldn't really tell what it was until I ate it.

It is Chinese roast pork, and it tasted sweet.

 When East meets West.

This next one totally reminds me of the ieat burger at Astons. haha. It's not beef, but oyster. I liked this. I think everybody liked this because there were more of this served at the end and this was snapped up.

It tasted like fish fillet though. haha. But still good.

 Oyster mini burger.

And the last one was really a grand finale!!

Rows and rows of desserts.

All very special.

On the leftmost column, you see that custard puff. It is not ordinary custard puff, but one dotted with dried wolf berries. I LOVE the wolf berry puff. OMG, I took a second helping of it. =PP It's that fruity raisin taste that nailed it.

In the second row, you see the yellow butter cake. It is not ordinary butter cake either, but with dried diced ginger. And yeah, ginger makes the day. So if you want to bake butter cakes, be sure to throw in some dried lightly sugared diced ginger.

In the middle, is the most delicious treat today. Fresh raspberry on oohhlala dark chocolate. I had a second helping of that too. Never reject chocolates no matter how strict your diet is, especially not dark chocolate. =PPPP hahaha, ok, that's just my philosophy.

And then there is the banana cake. I didn't really like this because it was too sugary without much banana taste. ToastBox makes pretty good banana cake by the way.

In the last column, there is dried peach on cream tart. I like the peach, but not the cream. LOL.

 The grand finale served.

All the goodies on my plate.

Alright, and that's the end of the tea party. I felt like it was Alice in Wonderland tea party. haha.

And then I was quite shock to receive a goodie bag at the end of the party, right before leaving.

What's in the goodie bag.

It was already really worthwhile paying for good food by Marmalade Pantry At The Stables, and I think these Dilmah tea really adds extra value to the entry price that everyone paid.

Not to mention, along the way, a few people did win a tin of tea that we were treated to, including the yearly limited edition Seasonal Flush. hahaha, seriously, not only M.A.C has limited edition. Tea too.

So that's really all, and I went home happily. What a great way to de-stress. =DD And I will see you in my next post, goodbye!

Yours sincerely,

Do you enjoy tea? Which is your favorite blend? Do you drink tea daily? Or just once in a while to de-stress?

PS: I saw this really nice car on the way back, and took a picture. I like the double round backlights. It makes the car look really symmetrical, and so cute like Pikachu of Pokemon. hahaha.

Cute tail-lights on Nissan Skyline.

OOPS, I hope the owner doesn't sees this. Wonder what he will think if someone calls the car cute instead of handsome. But I do like the design, and wouldn't mind owning one. It's an honest compliment, just the girl's way of saying it.


sesame said...

Those are all food bloggers? Quite a lot huh?

Jyoan said...

Hi Sesame. =) No, not all. I think those with DSLRs and huge lenses are more likely to be bloggers. But a lot are people who enjoy both food and photography. I believe they more or less visit the ieat forum, and some have joined Dr. Tay one time or another on food-tasting trips. A lot of them brought partners and family/children, so there are those who look like they neither blog nor take photos, but just there to enjoy company, good tea and good ambience.

Tati D. said...

Loved hearing about this! It sounds like it was really fun. Do you drink tea often?

Jyoan said...

Hi Tati, yes I do! Love teas. =D Chinese tea, flavoured English tea... as long as it's tea, I would like to try. This explains why I am so happy with the door gift by Dilmah. hehe, that will last me pretty long.

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