Sunday, 29 April 2012

Dilmah Seasonal Flush Very Special Rare Tea

I posted about the ieat First High Tea Session a while ago, and that I ordered the limited edition Seasonal Flush tea. Here it comes!

Now I enjoying my own High Tea at home. I'll just take you through the unboxing, then the tea-making.

Surprised that it came by FedEx. 

 I got them in three. Slight cheaper. But still, not your normal tea.

Surprised that tea has to come in such nice packaging too. 

Just an artistic picture that I caught by chance. 

There's a little tray inside, with the information sheet. 

Oh, these are individually tested for quality. 

All sealed nicely. 

 There is that tray that contains the information sheet. It's embossed.

 What the rolled tea leaves looks like.

From far. Sharper photo. This is the amount I took for a single cup. 

 Pour the water and stir for a minute, then let it soak for another 2 minutes.

Finished. The final tea color. 

And I am going to have tea with Ritz Apple Strudel. Love this. 

And there is my big loaf of D24 Durian Strudel. 

Ahhhh, the layers. So delicious. 

Cut myself a slice to eat. 

There's my tea! Lovely.

The Seasonal Flush has a smell that reminds me of the high mountains, and leaves a dry after taste.

I simply love having tea at home when it rainy outside. It has a calming effect.

Do you like having high tea sessions, albeit at home, alone? If yes, what kind of tea do you drink? What food do you pair with the tea? Cupcakes? Biscuits? Bread? Tarts?


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