Friday, 13 April 2012

Chanel Ombres Matelassees Eyeshadow Palette in 51, Montaigne

I do believe this post may be a bit late even though it only arrived in Singapore on Good Friday, because it is limited edition, and I have no idea how fast this would sell out.

Furthermore, in Singapore, Chanel Limited Edition items are only carried in Chanel Boutiques. And to be honest, the only boutique I know is at Ion Orchard. So I have no idea how little or how many they imported.

Nevertheless, I think this another perfect item I ought to write about!

Chanel Ombres Matelassees Eyeshadow Palette in 51, Montaigne

Available: Chanel Boutiques, $102

Volume: poids net 6 g

Star properties: ’51 Montaigne,’ the elegant harmony brings together pearl, pale gold, gold, golden khaki and black tones, each embossed with the iconic quilted pattern. Easily blendable, the soft powder texture is luxurious to the touch, while the versatile shade range offers unlimited eye looks. The two darkest shades may be used as eyeliner. Includes one double-tipped sponge applicator and one dual-sided brush/sponge applicator. (Chanel product page, 2012)

This pretty much came in the same glossy black box with the interlocking 'C's that Chanel always has. I just like the way high-end brands like this comes with a plastic to protect the powders from falling onto the mirror after use.

I have swatched the colors, as seen in the photo below.

According to Chanel's product page, from bottom to top, the colors are: pearl, pale gold, gold, golden khaki.

All the colors are very soft and non-intimidating, including the black. All the colors also comes in a light sheen, which is what makes me fall in love. I have gone from liking glitter to like strong sheens to liking more lighter sheens and matte shadows.

Pearl is such a beautiful highlighter I'd recommend it to anyone if it comes in an eyeshadow single. Pale gold is a more yellow shade than gold, which has more orange tinge. Golden khaki looks more like olive to me but is nevertheless a beautiful sort of green. And then there is the soft black that makes things much easier to wear. I am not a fan of jet black for eyeshadow, as it is too strong for me.

I find that this gold-imbued colors are so soft that the entire palette can be worn for everyday! I think I will not invest so much in a single palette if it comes in strong Hunger Games Capitol type of gold because I am not living in the Capitol, and I do not go for parties everyday.

However, if you like strong, glittery gold, then this is definitely not the one for you.

I also like how build-able the colors are, as they can be applied with a light hand or they can be piled up the way I did, yet still remain so soft. Below is what it looks like before blending.

Basically, I placed the black on the outermost V, and patted on the golden khaki until the outer 1/3 of my eyes, then used the gold on the lid right over the ball of my eyes, and placed the pale gold next. Lastly, I place the pearl color on the inner corners, and on my brow bone. Then I used the pale gold on a fluffy brush to go into my crease and blend everything out.

This is what it looks like after blending.

Then I basically lined my eyes, put mascara, draw my brows, put on the Bourjois Blush Sculpting Duo Effect in 05, used a M.A.C lipstick and lip glass in Gold Dust (to match), and got the look.

I think the part of this 51, Montaigne palette (it is the address of Chanel's latest boutique in Paris) that really nail it for me, is the point that even though it is gold, it is soft and light enough to let me put on a strong lip color, yet it stands out strong enough to let me spot a nude lip!

I have tried this exact look in a nude color and a rose color, and they just fit perfectly.

I have also tried this eye with coral cheek color instead of today's natural cheek, and similarly, 51, Montaigne did not clash.

 Eyes closed.

This is how the eyes look with the Bourjois cheek color.

I added the gold sheen out of inspiration from Hunger Games though I said 51, Montaigne is nothing like the bright gold in Capitol at all. haha. Gold Dust is a M.A.C lipglass that I discovered sitting in my stash from the 2010 Summer Collection.

Final take! haha, I think after all those straight faces and front shot, eyes closed shot, side shot etc (sometimes I feel like a prisoner in TV drama, having to turn left turn right to get the shots done), I have the tendency to want to do a more commercial photo for keepsake.

Anyway, at the end of the day, I do think the Chanel Ombres Matelassees is crazy expensive. Yet I am not sure I can reproduce these colors and this effect using drugstore brands. I do actually have a NYX palette that I can use to reproduce Chanel Fleur de Lotus effect, but just can't find a similar gold.

Wouldn't say this is a must-have unless you still have beauty budget left for it. It remains something nice and good to have in a beauty stash.

I like this: 5/5
Really can't go wrong no matter how I wear this.

Did you buy this limited edition palette? What's your experience with it?


anonymoushedonist said...

Looking gorgeous! And i love your comment about living in the capitol, hehe.

Jyoan said...

haha, thanks, I only just watched Hunger Games the day before this post. So it is still fresh in my mind.

sleepandwater said...

Your makeup looks gorgeous! Not sure if I could pull off this palette with all the light golds. Chanel is certainly on the pricey side, but it's always so beautifully packaged and good quality. But like you said, I'm sure there are some cheaper alternatives out there :)

Jyoan said...

@sleepandwater, I am pretty sure you will be able to carry off these golds too. What I really like about Chanel is that their shades are never overpowering or underwhelming, but always just nicely complement pretty much anyone.

I was initially afraid that the golds wouldn't look nice on my skin because it looks really cool tone. But it really turned out great, even though I still can still see that this is towards the cool side. It doesn't makes me look ash grey like most cool toned Japanese shadows or M.A.C shadows would for me.

memoiselle said...

Hi Jyoan!
I have been eyeing for this but the $102 price tag always refrain me from buying them. It looks so flattering on you. This really tempt me to buy. :)
nice to see a good blog like yours ;)

Jyoan said...

Hi memoiselle, thanks a lot for the compliments!

I wanted to pass this by too, until I read My Women Stuff. =P Chanel nailed it again. haha. I bought partly also because I had a great experience with Chanel Spring 2012. I think that Blush de Horizon is worth every cent. It is all really so good I just keep using and using them. I think at the end of the day, what makes a makeup item good is how often one really uses it.

Basically, when I know I am meeting people, I don't play and create new looks, I just grab Chanel, as I know the look will not fail me. =)

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