Monday, 12 March 2012

Outfit of the Day - The Scarf and Jacket

I think I look like I was really cold in this look. haha. But truth is, I am pretty afraid of the cold, and I do pull over layers in air-conditioned rooms. Yet, for this photo, I was still in my cosy living room with lots of yellow lights and LEDs, so it was pretty hot, and I had to take the picture quickly, and take off the scarf!

I made it really layered, by letting the pink underneath show, since the jacket is not as long.

Really love the scarf. =DD

This is one of my staple jackets, that makes everything looks more formal. And everybody said I look good when I wore this over a layer, and with black pants (except without the scarf).

Do you wear scarves in Singapore? How often, and what do you wear it with?

Yours truly,

PS: I am getting really tied up at work, and will not be able to post everyday. T.T


B said...

How darling are you? That scarf is the perfect touch. Love it!

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