Saturday, 10 March 2012

LOTD: Simple Saturday - Alternative Way to Wear M.A.C Call Me Bubbles

I tried the M.A.C Call Me Bubbles palette again, but in a different way. I previous used the darkest colour to deepen my outer-V, but this time, I use the darkest colour on the lower part of my upper lid, in a smokey eye manner. And I thought I should just share what it looks like. =)

I still find it amazing that the combination of colours in the palette makes any look automatically natural, just like the Chanel Spring 2012. I think it is the matte quality of it all, because I tend to always use shimmery and glittery eyeshadows that I now find matte eyeshadows novel.

Close-up of the overall eye look. 

Eyes closed.

I think this way of applying, as compared to the way I applied in the first look here, is a lot redder, and definitely more intense. It may make some people look like they've just cried a whole night. I do think the orange base as in the first look is a much safer way to use Call Me Bubbles.

I am re-posting the first look below, for easy comparison.

Orange-base M.A.C Call Me Bubbles.

Overall,I think I should definitely stick with the orange base. haha, even if I don't look like I've cried a whole night, I thought I look intimidating to other people, with two red eyes. =P

I hope you've enjoyed the two ways I wear Call Me Bubbles. I am currently really enjoying orange eyeshadows (very rare in drugstore)!

Do you have two ways of wearing the same palette? Doesn't have to be M.A.C. If yes, don't forget to share it in my comments box below! =)

Yours truly,


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