Thursday, 22 March 2012

LOTD - Ribbons and Bows

I love ribbons and bows very much, because I think they really make a girl look feminine, sweet, gentle and demure.

Here's one such day filled with ribbons!

 Dress from a blogshop, and comes with the belt.

I chose horizontal stripes because studies have found that horizontal stripes make people look slimmer, contrary to popular belief. Vertical stripes magnifies the fullness instead.

When it comes to belts, I personally think that anyone can wear them. BUT, but, keep in mind that the width of a cinch belt (like this) should be proportionate to the size/height of the person.

I am of average height, and average built, so I wear belts from about 4 cm - 8 cm in width. This blue ribbon one is a medium width one, and most of my belts around this width.


Ribbons at the back serves to catch attention, and has the effect of beautifying something. In fact, the Japanese Kimono was made to this logic. The Japanese Kimono wraps up the whole person, but actually leaves the back of the neck open. Then the huge ribbon at the back helps make the look even more appealing.

The front and side view.

I really do have a soft spot for straw finish platform heels. =P

And I like peep-toes too.

The thing about making peep-toes look good is really to paint your nails. =D And the toe nail color should be darker, and contrast with the shoes.

In this case, I had on a teal nail polish, by Essence (which can be bought VERY cheaply at Watsons Takashimaya).

I bought this pair of shoes because I thought black is really classic, and it looks even more classic with the brown stitches. Yet, there is a twist to it, and that is, the big ribbon when you turn around.

Do you also like ribbons, belts, and straw platform heels? How would wear them?

Yours truly,


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