Friday, 2 March 2012

The Logical Choice - Purely Logical

Purely Logical by SG Nails

Available: SG Nails Website, $25, mail to doorstep within 3 business days.

Volume: 15 ml

Star Properties: "blended from existing colors plus lacquer base and loose glitters and micas, and combine anywhere from 6 to a dozen (or more!) different shades and components. The vast majority of component polishes are 3-free, but some are not. They ARE all cruelty-free" ~ taken from SG Nails website.

I have previously reviewed my first bottle of polish from SG Nails, Outed by a Probot, and I would say, my second bottle, Purely Logical is really equally good. In fact, I find it slightly better because there seem to be more tiny specks of gold in this bottle, and the resultant colour is just heart-pumping and mind-blowing amazing.

It is definitely nothing like all that I've seen before, not even on other people's blog. Hmmm, I think the only nail polish brand that I think has nicer colour and more intense pretty finish than SG Nails, is really a-England. And you may like to look at some a-England polishes that My Women Stuff has featured here, and  Pretty Beautiful's here. My Women Stuff also has a handful more post of a-England, if you do a site search. 

But sad to say, I do find a-England a tad expensive, given the exchange rate and shipping costs I'd have to incur. So that will have to be kept on hold till I think I should reward myself. =P

I bought this because I am really in love with Apple Greens and grass greens, on top of lime green. And yes, I think the colour on my nails is exactly the apple green in the bottle, and exactly the apple green I see on SG Nails website! Plus 10 for this!

I really like the way SG Nails take their own photos of the product, and provide real on-nail swatches, so that a customer knows exactly what it is, and it feels mad good to not be cheated by online photos!

This colour is described on SG Nails website as,
Purely Logical is a brilliant shimmering acid green packed with silver, copper, iridescent, and turquoise glitter, plus copper and turquoise medium hexagonal glitter. Opaque in two coats, or great as a top coat over your favorite green or turquoise lacquer.
If you're wondering what's up with the darker colour on my ring finger, it is because I've applied 2 coats of Essence colour underneath, as I just want to try if SG Nails can go on nicely onto another colour.

The turquoise Essence Colour I have as base colour on my ring finger.

I think my experimental result is gorgeous!

Even on two coats of base colour, SG Nails does not become murky and streaky on top, and still dries very fast. As Purely Logical is also translucent on one coat, as with Outed by a Probot, the colour can mix with the base turquoise, instead of just looking like transparent glitter.

The changing colour effect is truly fantastic for me, because this means that I can use any other green-blue base colour, and Purely Logical would simply change it to give me another new colour. In this way, I'd have so many, so many nail colours because I double up the current flat nail polishes I have, especially all my OPIs, and miraculously "expand" my colour collection.

I think a versatile translucent glitter polish really can take your nail journey a long way.

So I've just learned that buying a $25 bottle of nice glitter polish can double up, give me another colour, even out the price to $12.50 per colour. =DD

I really can't wait to test my 3rd bottle from SG Nails.

I LOVE THIS: Positively Nice 7/5!
(haha, my rating for 2nd bottle just got higher.)

you like glitter polishes? What are some colours or brands you stick by? Do you layer your glitter polish over a flat base colour?

Yours truly,


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