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FOTD - Adele, Someone Like You Brit Awards (Adaptation from Panacea81)

Let me first declare that I am not that into music, and I don't regularly update myself about who is the biggest and latest on the scene, and so, to be absolutely honest, I do not really know where Adele comes from and all.

 The reason why I bother to try out her look, is because it was done by Panacea81 on Youtube, whom I follow. And the resultant look is really, really nice! So I just wanted to see if it will work out the same on me. I am not trying to imitate Adele or be her fan, in case anyone misunderstands. =)

So let me first show you panacea81's video, from which I learned to do this.

Alright, so that was it. It's really pretty, right? With the bronzy gold look, and sleek eye lining, together with a really neutral cheek and lip color.

Now here's my re-creation. =)

The final look.

The final eyeshadow look.

Mine is quite different from Panacea's creation, because I don't have a golden bronze eyeshadow. She used M.A.C Very Goldie Bronze (if I didn't spell wrongly), while I used the bronze from M.A.C Call Me Bubbles, which is only shimmery, but not golden.

haha, so if you also want to try re-creating this look, take note to go for more gold.

 Bronze from M.A.C Call Me Bubbles, all over the lid, using a small, short, stiff eye shading brush. Mine is from Sasa, but Panacea uses her own brand, Lauren Luke.

Chocolate brown from Nvey Eco Palette (not in Sephora anymore) in the outer-V of the eye (out corner of eye socket, where you can just feel your brow bone), using a fluffy blending brush. I used Ecotools's brush. I think M.A.C 217 or your personal favorite are just as good.

White eyeshadow (Sugar) from Wet 'n' Wild on the inner corners of the eye using a pencil brush. Again, mine is from Sasa.

I have never dedicated any post about any of my brushes. But at this point, I must say that if you're in Southeast Asia, the Sasa brushes are really good and really cheap! Don't get the white ones. Go for the pink series or the black (Pro) series.

 Matte black from SilkyGirl Eye Duo using the same pencil brush, on the outer-Vs of the eyes, on top of that chocolate brown.

Ivory eyeshadow from e.l.f using a blending brush, right above the crease, right under the brow bone. I wanted to use a clean brush, so I changed my blending brush to M.A.C 217. EcoTools should be fine.

For the rest of my eyes, I wing-lined using the Empro 1 Day Liner, curled my lashes, and used Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Waterproof Extra Black Mascara, and Rhomlon Brown Eye Pencil (from Chameleon, Singapore).

Rhomlon's Eye Pencils are really good, and only a couple of dollars!

Then I used Bourjois Duo Sculpting Blush just under my cheekbones, as a bronzer, not a blusher. And I used the highlighter on my cheekbones instead!

The effect is really amazing, and I never knew that I could use darker/ more neutral cheek colors as my bronzer! I think this shade goes really well as a bronzer for my skin tone. Hmmm, haha, I think my tan sort of wears off after a while. I was really dark after a trip to Phuket last year. And the tan on my arms are still there!! Burnt.

And then I opened a new tube of lipstick. LOL. This is L'oreal Colour Richie in Rosebud.

Panacea said she used a peachy nude color for this look. But I didn't really have one, other than the Kissable Lipcolour by M.A.C, from the Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection. But I am bored of that after consecutive uses, so I decided to pick another nude for me.

 Rosebud is a rose pink with brown tint. It should be wearable on anyone. On me, it is not that nude, but more of natural, as though it is my natural lip color and I didn't wear anything.

Last but not least, is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE lip gloss by NP Set n Acapulco Pink.

If you're in Australia, you're so lucky to have this! I got this as a gift from the Australian version of Women's Weekly, I think. And I can't bear to finish it up, because once I am done with it, I have no more NP Set. =((( I wanted to buy from their online store, but it is a bit stupid to import such a tiny and cheap product only.

It really makes my lips pop like made!

This is Rosebud, with NP Set Gloss.

Clear view of brow, mascara, bronzer, lip color, and everything else!

I followed Panacea's tutorial, and lined my entire eye. I also used the technique of drawing an arrow out from the inner corners of my eyes. I am surprised that with full lining, my eyes look huge! I am not so used to it! hahaha. I have always thought that full lining makes the eyes look small, and I didn't really dare to try after I hear tips about keeping your lower lash line lining to 1/3, at most 2/3, never all the way in. But hey, who says that must be the way!

I think full lining helps Asian eyes to look rounder. And rounder means fuller, and larger. Plus, my MUFE mascara totally lengthened and thickened my lashes so much, I look like I have barbie eyes. (What to say, that really is my Holy Grail mascara.)

I just so love neutral makeup these days. And I think this one is good to go, great for work.

My Day's Learnings:
1. I can use woody toned blushers as bronzers, and it looks sooooo good! I mean, I've always had big problems finding the right bronzer, because they tend to come in chocolate brown. Chocolate brown is my nemesis in makeup. It is too dark, and makes me look like skeleton. It makes me look ashy too.

2. Lining the inner corners of my eyes brings my eyes closer together, and makes them look huge all of a sudden. (I have very wide set eyes. I heard that the standard person will only have one eye-length in between the two eyes. You can measure this on your own face. And even after lining inwards, my eyes are still very wide apart.)

3. L'oreal Colour Richie is good! And Rosebud is really nice, natural color for warm yellow skin tones like mine.

4. I am reaffirmed that MUFE Mascara is the best of the best. For a period of time, I ditched it because I thought I found better mascaras, like Sasa Superdolly and Essence. And I think it really has never let me down when I really, really want that long, thick, false eyelashes type of look.

Alright, so that's all. My day's learnings is actually meant as summary for all the positively nice readers out there! =D So if you don't already know, feel free to take my learnings, and use it for yourself! If you already know all these, are there any tips you have for me (after viewing all the photos)? What would you use to re-create the Adele's look?

Yours truly,


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

You look so beautiful :) I love the bronzer on you. It suits you completely! And your eyes are perfect!

Jyoan said...

Thank you! I don't have the habit of contouring and sculpturing actually. Maybe I will use this technique more often now that I've found the correct shade of bronzer. =D

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