Friday, 23 March 2012

Blow Dry Your Hair - Philips SalonDry Control

My brother and I have been visiting the same hair salon since a year ago, and since then, he has been relating to me how his stylist keeps asking him to blow dry his hair. I have a different stylist, and my stylist doesn't harp on this issue to me.

But anyhow, my brother bought a good hairdryer to start blowing dry his hair. I, of course, didn't let go of the opportunity, and tested out if what his stylist say is true.

And it is!

I started falling deep in love with hairdryer-dried hair. And so here is my go-go gadget.

Philips SalonDry Control

Available: All major electrical and electronics store, $98 (during discount).

Volume: 1 dryer, and 1 cap.

Star Properties: High power Salon style drying.

This came well-packed in a box with all the specifications and instructions manual. Love Philips.

Salon-style Drying
I like how this dryer has hot and cold options. If you only want a moment of cool air, you can set it to hot air, yet still press the cold button to get a quick burst of cool air. Otherwise, you can set it to blow cool air, and press the button for a burst of hot air. Awesome.

I also like how there are two levels to this, strong wind, and stronger wind. Using the stronger wind, I can wash my hair at night, and still blow it dry within 10 minutes!

Control buttons and switch.

I also like how this model has the cap at the front, so I can use it like in a salon. The cap serves to concentrate the air to a narrow vent. So if you turn up the heat, you could use it to curl your hair. Simply use a curling comb, curl your hair loosely around the comb, use the narrow air vent to "spray" at it. The pressure and heat will shape your hair.

Narrow air vent of cap.

Last but not least, if you use your hairdryer often, you could instal a hook and simply hook it up the way salons do, using the hook hole at the end of the handle! =D Nice.

I remember reading Vivawoman's post from long ago, about how one should choose a hairdryer with power higher than 1500W because lower than that, you would end up blowing your hair for an extended period of time. And this extended heat would damage your hair.

With a power of 2100W like this one I feature, I can get my long hair dry fast. It is so easy, so convenient to use, considering how I reach home after dark very often, and I only wash my hair in the night.
My brother has one of this, and I bought another one when I shifted in my own house. So you can really tell how much I like this thing. I think if you take care, and don't drop it, this could last a lifetime. My mother has a Philips 500W small hairdryer from more than 20 years ago.

Positively Nice! 5/5
I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a hairdryer that does the job FAST, and does it in a salon way.


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