Monday, 13 February 2012

Yummy Tresses in Strawberry Smoothie - Another Valentine's Buildup

I had this weird streak in me to want to try everything since I was a kid. And the magnification of this trait right now, seems to come in the form of anything beauty, which is probably what led to this blog!

And so of course, when a casual comment from a friend came by about how she uses Johnsons & Johnsons Blueberry Shampoo, I just had to get it! Oh wait, but I didn't just got the blueberry shampoo, I simply had to pick up this other pinky pink pink thing, the L'oreal Strawberry Smoothie one!

L'oreal Kids Strawberry Smoothie Shampoo

Look! It's just too cute, isn't it? If you were a pink-lover, you'd sure get your hands on this, like me!

Available: Watsons, ~$6 (they had a discounted price for 2 when I was there)

Volume: 265 ml (I just realised that this isn't all that cheap because the volume is small. haha, but it doesn't matters.)

Star Properties: Extra Gentle 2-in-1. No Tears! No Knots! No Split Ends! Extra softness, burst of strawberry. (More in picture below.)

 haha, to be honest, I actually think all these specifics are laughable. But oh well, I guess I am the laughable one who bought into it by looks alone, without reading all these.

The Ingredients List:

Nothing special, I am not expecting to see natural or organic ingredients on this. =P

Needless to say, I like the way this shampoo looks, and other than the smell, the pink colour is probably why I bought it, as there are other flavours, like a yellow one for Mango Smoothie, which I intended to buy if I find this good.

You see, the very reason why I went out looking for this in the first place, is because my friend swears that you get lasting fragrant hair throughout the day. So naturally, I must say that I really, really, really, really love the smell of strawberry smoothie, and I was so addicted to it when I smelled it in Watsons itself. I couldn't stop bringing the bottle to my nose, looking like a lunatic.

There! Can't help myself.

The Strawberry Smoothie is extremely flowy, and I actually wonder how children are suppose to use this on their own, because they'd probably let it flow all over the hands, right down to the bathroom floor, and that's it! Byebye, smoothie is down the drain. LOL.

That said, I do prefer this flowy texture as opposed to adults' shampoo, that's often thick and difficult to spread over my hair. With this texture, it has basically just flows right down and right through my long and thick hair!

So yes, thumbs up for this!

I am really glad that this shampoo doesn't foams up much! This feature is essential for a kids shampoo because the more it foams, the more it's going to get messy in the bathroom, with bubble flowing down into kid's eyes, and kid screaming their lungs out.

haha, this scenario is very real, as I was a kid once, and I know. It happened with those Kodomo shampoo that I used, more than a decade ago. But I was a good kid, I didn't scream. I merely called for mummy, who's always there at bath times, so she can reach for the shower and wash the bubbles off (because I was too short to reach the shower, sob).

However, it foams up a teeny bit, just right amount. I am really quite impressed by the quality of children's shampoo.

I only poured a little bit here, in case I can't control and let it all drip, because I was trying to take pictures with the other hand too. =P But in reality, I need to use one big handful, for my long hair to feel clean enough.

Anyway, I do agree with L'oreal that the shampoo should have less surfactants and so less foamy, because it is better for children. I remember always feeling a bit of sting when I use those high foam products. Yes, so maybe children's scalp are a lot more sensitive. =P

After Wash
My hair feels really clean, despite this being a kids' formula.

But in terms of smoothness, and non-tangle, I'd have to say, adults' formula like L'oreal Anti-frizz, Pantene, Ascience, are really better. I mean, this shouldn't be a surprise, considering the price and the amount of ingredients, with Ascience often touting strange Asian herbs, etc.

Nevertheless, I am quite satisfied, because what I am really looking for is a lasting fragrance in my hair. And I do not want to buy separate hair mist to keep spraying.

The low cost of this is one of those big attraction factors, even though this bottle really only contains half the volume of product that a standard adult bottle of shampoo would.

I love this: 3.5/5
I really like the fragrance. But I am judging this based on how it would be suitable for teens and adults, so I'd have to be honest, and let you know that unless you really love strawberry smoothie smell, there is no need to switch out your adult shampoos, as this is not an equivalent.

It has its perks, and drawbacks.

However, if you want to purchase a shampoo for your child, niece/nephew, or younger cousin, I'd say, why not? I think this makes a really great gift to the family. Super cute and attractive, pretty and all. The quality is really not bad for a kid shampoo, because this does well as a normal shampoo for me. It only pales in comparison because I've been using highly-formulated smoothening shampoo (which you wouldn't want to use on little children) for years and years.

It is well priced for kids, because I believe they wouldn't need as much as I do, which is one big handful of liquid.


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I love how these smell too :)

Jyoan said...

haha! All those lovely smells... ... sometimes really make even adults like us, pause and take a step back.

Makeupxi said...

My boy has the yellow one! which is the age of your child?
Kissesss Jyoan :)

Jyoan said...

Hi, oops, I don't have children yet. =P But I just love buying baby products because the ingredients are gentle, and packaging is cute! =D

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