Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Smack Lips with LiP SMACKER by Paul Frank

Pretty packaging, catchy names is what sells.

LiP SMACKER Lip Gloss by Paul Frank in Clancy's Cotton Candy

 Super cute! Agree?

Available: BHG, $4.90

Volume: 4.0g

Star Properties: Enjoy a really moisturizing, truly delicious lip gloss that's lickably sweet and such a treat!

Instructions and Ingredients as follows:

 The very important ingredients list for lipbalms.

 The continuation.

I couldn't resist buying this because it is cotton candy pink and there is the mad cute giraffe cartoon on the tube! Other than that, it's pretty much a standard lip balm tube.

The product looks a very sweet, cotton candy pink, but this is not tinted.

I like the cotton candy sweet smell that this has. I really think this whole product reminds me of the word "delicious", as though I could just eat it up. =D

The lip balm feel nourishing, but not hydrating, in the sense, I think castor seed oil and beeswax (the main ingredients here) are less oily than say sunflower seed oil, and also feels like there is less water. Petrolatum/vaseline is a lot, a lot more oily. And Burt's Bees Pomengranate Lip Balm is more hydrating, in that it leaves a watery sheen on my lips, but Lip Smacker does not.

This is not sticky at all.

I find that this is a rather good base for lipsticks, as it is on the drier side, yet still leaves a film on my lips, enough to protect my lips from direct dryness of the lipstick.

I find that with more moisturizing lip balms, like Burt's Bees and Natio, it can be a bit of challenge applying lipstick over, because the oil and moisture prevent the lipstick pigments from adhering to my lips properly.

At $4.90, this is very great value for a good enough lip balm that does not use petrolatum as its main ingredients, something that I am very particular with because my skin somehow reacts poorly to petrolatum.

This is Nice! 3.5/5.
I will still stick to Burt's Bees for an everyday lip balm when I am not using lipstick, as it more hydrating. However, I do enjoy reach for Lip Smacker as a really good lipstick base recently. I am comfortable with finishing this lip balm, but probably will not repurchase.

This is also not hydrating enough to be an overnight lip conditioner.
Have you tried any Lip Smacker Lip Balm? What do you think of it?
Lip Smacker's latest designs are nostalgic bottle caps, and you may like to read more about it from Sassydoll, here.


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