Wednesday, 15 February 2012

LOTD: That Girl in Pink

I saw so many videos and blogs about creating a chocolate on sweet pink look for Valentine's day, that I decided to try it out. I did this on Monday, and actually stuck to my reliable Chanel Spring makeup for Valentine's Day, since that is really sweet enough, and Chanel really gives that super polished stain matte finish.


I think my attempt to replicate chocolate on strawberry is very successful! Managed to adapt the colours to something that suits my skin tone, because brown is a super no-no for my skin colour!

I was kind of not very fond of neutral colours up until recently, when I took the plunge to go all out and try neutrals, trying to find things that work for me, because I've grown up, and not supposed to look a baby-doll all the time (except for V-day). And I found that I can actually pull of some browns if I use a proper brush to pat it on lightly.

As you can see, I didn't use too much brown. Chocolate on strawberry is just suppose to be a look which feels really sweet, and the brown is dabbed on lightly on the outer-V of the eye.

For highlighter, I used that light yellow from the brown palette (below) too, instead of sticking to pink base highlighter. SuRpRiSiNgLy, light yellow works well with the purple based pink on my lids!

I used all these: (hehe, so happy that I used all drugstore products without deliberately thinking.)

(From top left) Majolica Majorca (MM) RS 354, MM GD 886, NYX in PB 07 Natural, Sephora Lip Attitude Chic in C02, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 608 Cottage Cheese, Maybelline Unstoppable Shiny Black in Very Black.

Eyelid Colour: MM RS 354 Medium Pink in the middle
Outer V Colour: MM GD 886 Deep Brozne from bottom right
Crease Colour: MM RS 354 Light Pink from the left
Brow Highlight: MM RS 354 White Base colour from top, and MM GD 886 Light Yellow from top right

Quick Comment
Honestly, the Maybelline Unstoppable Mascara is just dumb. If you do such a sweet look for a sweet occasion, and want to look like doll, get the Sasa Superdolly instead. I just used Maybelline because I was experimenting for this post. And really, I have problems using up that mascara, because it's too lousy to see daylight even on normal school/working days.

I will do the NYX product review when I can confirm its existence in Singapore. I am putting it on hold because I went out to check the NYX retailer on Monday, wanting to get more Round Lipsticks and their Smokey Eye Click It Palette, I realise they don't sell the brand anymore. And it's a great pity for Singaporeans.

When I review, I hope to be able to provide you with a better option to buy other than eBay... ... So wish me luck on finding a shop that would import NYX again!


I got this pretty cheap off a blog shop. So everything here is quite cheap cheap. =)

To my absolute great big horror, this isn't really what I saw from the photos. See that big hole in the chest area? I didn't know that the top doesn't have buttons, and is really just a pullover style top.

Ended up having to buy myself a proper spaghetti stripe to wear inside. I bought the bra-top from Uniqlo, and it's good, other than being a bit transparent.

Anyhow, I do like the vertical stripes on this top, and the length of it. Long enough so I can wear it as a dress. =)

That's all! Hope that it gives some inspiration and sweet feel for your next sweety outing!

Yours truly,


Tati D. said...

That dress is really cute! Also, is the NYX blush pigmented?


Jyoan said...

No, it is not very pigmented (cannot compare to brands like Chanel). But it feels velvety when I swipe my fingers over. And it is buildable. haha, I bought because I really like the shade that NYX offers.

PB 07 Natural is a true barely there blush, that I also use sparingly to highly my nose bridge. =) Can't find this shade in other drugstore brands out there... ...

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