Friday, 24 February 2012

LOTD: The Magic White Jacket + 5 Tips For Looking Well Coordinated

This is very similar to my look in That Girl in Pink. haha, because I have quite a lot of whites and pinks in my wardrobe.

White jacket from a pushcart at IMM, pink bra top from Uniqlo, white shorts with detailed pockets from Red2.

I am actually wearing the same pink bra top from Uniqlo as in my previous That Girl in Pink look. =D

But this time, I have on a white jacket that is short, and would show the midriff if I wore it alone.

And for bottom, I am wearing a pair of white shorts with details on the pockets, making it less plain.

This look can be easily tweaked for various occasions, like a white skirt or white pants for work! (I have lots of white skirts, so that really makes it easy to change the entire feel of the outfit.)

This will looks extremely well-coordinated because I carry the same white handbag everyday and pretty much wear the same white heels everyday too!

1. The idea is this - you have to have generally matching jackets/pullovers and bottoms (shorts, skirts, or pants). This is based on the same tip that it is much easier buying tops and bottoms so you can mix and match and save money, instead of splurging on one-pieces like trench dresses, shift dresses and rompers!

2. It is almost a must to have one white jacket and one black jacket in your wardrobe. This way, you can wear washed-out T-shirts underneath, spaghetti stripes, tank tops and the likes (which are all soooo cheap! can get from pushcarts, Cotton On, etc) without looking too slack.

3. It would be great if you have a white and a black cardigan too! The lack of cutting/structure of cardigans can totally turn the look another way round and change the mood!

4. Uniqlo is definitely the place for basics. It may be daunting at first because of the price for simple piece of fabric. But basics are meant to be worn many times, so they really should have some quality and last, instead of going thin and have colour washed out quickly. You really don't want to keep running to buy back your favourite pink spaghetti every 2 months, do you? (I am saying this because I have an Esprit pink spaghetti that got so thin quickly I can't wear it out. And it was costly, so it was a waste of money.) At least I know Uniqlo has quality and lasts.

5. I like to go to Red2 to restock on more formal looking basics too, as they really only sell White, Black and Red. It is expensive, imo, and I don't often. But when I know I need to replace one of my whites or black, I will pop into the store to take a look. This occurs only once  a year or once in two years! The white shorts I have is so good that I have been wearing it for some 2-3 years already. No signs of wearing thin. So really, what I pay is proportional to the quality I get, at Red2.

So that's all for today, the Magic of a Jacket!

What about you? What is your magic clothing that when you wear, can turn everything around?

Yours truly,


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