Thursday, 2 February 2012

LOTD - Look back into the 1960s during New Year!

Really inspired to post this after making a new find today!

Found this blog, Sincerely, Jules, and I think her pictures and fashion combos are really nice. =)

I don't think I will ever produce things like hers, but it helps to have dreams once in a while. haha.

Here's me,

I edited the picture to look 1960s, because that's the feel of my dress. It is towards the retro style, high waist line that's quite a bit above my waist), and pearls all around the neckline, with short puffy sleeves.

And I really like the dress because of the simple stripes, yet not so simple because they increase in width downwards. =D

These kind of dresses are really easy and comfortable to wear, especially with people who are much fuller below, like me.

Compared to shift dresses, these kind feels much more casual, yet doesn't take things too lightly.

It was a really great find, and at a discounted price before Chinese New Year too!

Guess that's all for today. Hope you'll be inspired by Sincerely, Jules too, in whatever you're doing. It's really good to refresh my views every once in a while. Gets the brain juice flowing. =D

Yours truly,


S said...

Hello Jyoan! I found your blog through Paris B's and you've got such a lovely blog! :) am liking the dress you've got on as it's simple yet stylish :)

Jyoan said...

Hello S, thank you so much, both for visiting, and for liking the dress. =)I really appreciate it.

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