Monday, 27 February 2012

Hyper Diamonds for Sparkling Eyes?

Does brown bothers you? Personally, I really hesitate quite a bit when it comes to trying out anything brown. So when it comes to my Maybelline Hyper Diamonds Eyes Palette in Brown, I didn't open it the first thing I came home. Instead, it is only now, many months after I bought the eye palette that I tear open the plastic wrap.

Maybelline Hyper Diamonds Eye Palette in BR-1 (Earthen Brown)

With cover on. I really like the way they cut the cover into a diamond design. I am a big fan of this type of no-frills glossy, 100% see-through covers. 

Available: Major pharmacies and supermarkets.
I do think this is a permanent line for now as it has been around for more than a year. It is quite a raved drugstore product in the West, so I believe sales is pretty good.

Volume: 3.7g

Star Properties: For a sparkling, opened-eyes look with a ready-to-wear eye colour palette.

 The label on the back for you to check the colour label. This is BR-1.

The ingredients list, for those with sensitive eyes/skin. 

 After the top label is peeled off, you will see the application instructions.

Packaging is really good, and I like how the sponge-tip applicator is big on one side and thin on the other. Shows that thought was put in when they designed this.

The swatches: (from left) A (pale yellow highlight), B (shimmer skin colour), C (medium dark tea brown), D (brown line colour), E (Hyper Diamonds glitter top coat).

I am going to go ahead and apply the eyeshadows according to the instructions since I am using this for the first time, and see how it works.

Step 1: Put the Highlight Colour (in the 'V' section of the palette) on the whole lid and the inner corners of the eyes using the larger side of the big spong tip.

I like how the colour really shows on the inner corners.

Step 2: Blend the Medium Light Skin Colour (in the right triangle of the palette) on the upper medium lid with the opposite side of the big sponge tip.

Step 3: Blend the Medium Dark Tea Brown (in the left triangle of the palette) on the lower lid using the small sponge tip.

This is pretty much the only colour that I can really see. 

Step 4: Use the line colour in deep brown (from the top of the palette) to line the lash line, with the opposite side of the smaller sponge tip. <-- This is the reason why the sponge tip was made small on one side!

The deep brown is slightly visible above the lash line.

And then, that's all for the eye lids! Quite short and easy.

I went on to do the whole face, and I used the Maybelline ColourSensational Lipstick in Crazy for Coffee to match the brown nude look of the eyes. So this is the entire look below:

I put on the Kamayaki Cheek in Passion Orange blusher very lightly. I used it because there is a matching highlighter, and the sheen is apparent in the photo. I really love it!

I used a push eye brush (horizontally cut, stiff bristle brush), to push Maybelline Black Gel Liner into my lash line and water line, so it gives the feeling of not having any eyeliner on at all, but rather, thicker eyelashes.

There! =D I really like the colour from Crazy for Coffee. It is very, very close to my natural lip colour, so it fits my skin tone so well, as though I really aren't wearing anything, other than lip balm to smoothen. I find that this colour serves more to even out my own lip colour, feeling in the blanks, much like the way a brow pencil works.


Quick take on the Maybelline Hyper Diamonds Eye Palette:
I think the colours are very sheer and really reminds me of Japanese eye shadows. I do like the look that came up when I follow the instructions. However, I thought maybe I can try using it in a smokey eye way. I am not sure if using this to do smokey eyes will work, but I'd love to try.

I can't pass this out or say I love it just yet because really, I've only used it once, and basically demonstrating the instructions and show what it looks like if you follow the instructions. It is a really nude look, which is great for everyday work.

I will definitely post the look again when I use it for smokey eyes. =)

Do you have any Maybelline Hyper Diamonds palettes? How do you find them? Do you like nude looks? Or do you prefer more vibrant and colourful eyes, or the classic smokey eyes?

Yours truly,


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