Saturday, 11 February 2012

How I Store My Makeup - Travel Edition

I finally got down to blogging about this. =P

Aright, for those who have read my posts back in 2010, you would realise that I was residing in Malaysia for a few months. So during that time, I had to have some makeup with me, but I of course didn't want to shift my entire collection over, given the weight and inconvenience of lugging it onto the plane.

So I took the plunge and went ahead to get a Sephora pouch I've been eyeing for a few weeks back then.

How I Store My Makeup - Travel Edition: Sephora Makeup Bag

Available: Sephora, $40 (unfortunately, I didn't know that Sephora comes out with makeup storage items on a limited basis, and I've been going back to look out for this every now and then, but have never seen them being relaunched for over a year already. So I am really sorry that I didn't feature this earlier. But if you can find this online, or anything similar, I high recommend that you grab it, for those times when you travel.)

Volume: 1 bag, 4 pouches.

Star Properties: I like that it is black and gets dirty less easily. I like that there is the handle for carry and for hanging at the back of your hotel room/bathroom door. I like how it has this many compartments, 4 is just right for me.

 Closed-up look from the side. It is squarish.

I really like how this bag is rather hardy, so I can sort of throw it around, and squeeze it in the luggage.

And then when it is opened up, it looks like this:

It has 4 compartments, and I dedicated the top one to lip products, second to eyeshadows, 3rd to face products like compact powder and blushes, and the last to longish products, meaning all mascaras, liquid eyeliners, pencil liners, and even brushes if you like!

So this is just a close-up to show roughly, the size of the pockets, and which items would fit nicely inside. So  if you look closely, that yellow thing with the "G", that's my Garnier compact powder which I've never used. It's the size of a standard powder foundation. So yes, even that can fit flat and nicely inside!

 haha, if you notice, I don't have much inside now, because I've already cleared many things out over the last one year, since whatever I put inside were mostly my essential go-to products or holy grail. The leftovers are those I haven't quite use for a very long while.

Then this is the close up to show you the zip. And at the top there, is the velcro that is used to hold the bag together in a square bundle.

The other thing that I haven't mention is the way Sephora uses a mesh bag, so that all your items are roughly visible at a glance, which is so super important to me, since I really don't like to memorise where my things are, even though I've already allocated a slot for each type of product.

I love this: 5/5
No complains about this product. It was a pinch when I just bought it. But after fully utilising it, I thought it was all so worth the price.

Alright, so that's all. I do actually have other hang-up toiletry/jewelry bags that I want to show you gals. But till the next post, byebye, and have a great weekend ahead!

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