Sunday, 26 February 2012

Crazy for Coffee? Yes! Me!

When I tested the new Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipsticks on my lips, I just couldn't say no and walk away.

I don't understand why nobody is raving about it! haha, was it the competing launch of Revlon Lip Butters that stopped people from buying Maybelline?

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in Crazy for Coffee

Available: All major pharmacies, departmental stores, and supermarkets. U.P. $17.90. 
Watsons Launch Promo Discount, $13.90 (30% off for limited period only). 
Not to worry actually, as most neighbourhood Watsons do periodic 20% discounts to clear stocks for more shop space, especially when they know a brand is going to launch a new range, and need display space.

Volume: 4.2g

Star Properties: Bolder, richer colour only from our pure pigments. Creamier feel only from our nourishing honey nectar. Comes in 4 luscious colour range, of red, plum, nude, and pink. Made in USA.

I am really in love with their packaging. I can't help comparing this to the Revlon lip butters because the ColourSensational range actually goes along the same marketing line, in that the nudes have a bronzy brown translucent tube, the reds have a red tube, plums in purple, and pink in pink. (I wonder who copied who. LOL!)

Personally, I am all for colour coding when it comes to lipsticks, because I like to know roughly what colour it is just by looking.

And I am all for translucent casing. Not to mention the gloss finish they give this time round as compared to the red matte one of Maybelline Moisture Extreme (that was very unappealing to me). Add on the sleek silver holder inside, I'd say, Maybelline has a winner this time!

Glossy bronzy translucent tube with the ingredients list.

When it comes to lipsticks, I have quite a soft spot for apt and pretty names. Crazy for Coffee really speaks to me, because while I am not a daily coffee drinker, I actually enjoy black coffee because I like the taste of coffee at its truest. And I appreciate how different geographical locations can give different flavours of beans, how people blend them to create unique tastes, etc. Then there is still the macchiato, latte, cappuccino, chili coffee and all. =D

In case you need the number code, it's 275.

Crazy for Coffee to me, looks like a milk chocolate brown on the stick, and its swatch holds a slight red tone. I will be very honest to say that this actually does not reminds me of any coffee colour at all!! hahahaha. I've never seen red tones in any coffee, no matter how much milk I add, or no milk.

However, I am not complaining, because I feel that as a lipstick, it has to be a wearable and attractive, and having red really changes the dimensions of a brown. For one thing, brown is one of my disliked colour, and I do not have other brown lipsticks in my stash so far.

I bought this because I was so happy with how wearable the colour turned out to be when I tested it on my lips. I mean, my skin is already on the tanned and yellow side, I don't need a brown to make myself look more sallow.

I managed to capture the exact tone in the photo, just that in real life, this shade looks more intense.

I feel that this lipstick definitely lives up to its advertorial tagline, that it is bolder, richer, and creamier, with nourishing honey nectar. It is one of those rare products that live up to the tagline.

ColourSensational feels like nothing on my lips. It makes my lips feel soft without being heavy, smooth without being obviously there.

For those of you who love the moisturizing properties of the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks (the tin gloss purple tubes), I assure you that the new ColourSensational is a more compelling formula, as the Rimmel Moisture Renew are way to oily to last long.

The new ColourSensational range is very long-wear for a drugstore lipstick. As I mentioned, this is truly nourishing without being oily like Rimmel Moisture Renew, so it does not "rolls" off my lips. And this is very important because it means I don't have to keep running to the washroom to touch up, saving on time and product, which was one big concern when I wore Rimmel.

(Don't get me wrong. I like Rimmel Moisture Renew. Love the colour range, pigmentation, moisturizing properties... but I think there just might be a teeny bit of room for improvement in terms of wear time.)

I will not put it on the same level as high-ends though, because it is still true that Chanel and Dior are quite a lot more longer-wearing. I would put ColourSensational at around 4-6 hours while a Rogue de Coco stands at 12-14 hours (but I pay 3 times the price for it).

One thing I realise about long-wear lipsticks is that, they stain. In the sense, if you swatch this lipstick on the back of your hand, and leave it there, you will find that it seeps into your skin like pen ink, and you can never rub it off then.

This means that after a long day without reapplication, you will still find a tinge of colour of your lips, that is the stain, so you will not end up bare lips, which is good. But do remember to use makeup remover on your lips to wash off thoroughly.

On the lips:

Can see the light nourishing sheen!
There is a sweet smell that I am not exactly fond of when the lipstick comes within fingers' length. However, I am not particular about this point. I think it may matter for some of you, so do test it at the drugstore before buying. You don't want to buy and hate it because of the smell. =)

At the discounted price that I got it, I think the quality is well-worth every cent. Plus, 4.2g is quite a lot of product. Make Up Store lipstick is only 3.5g.

Maybelline ColourSensational range is really a great start for anyone, and a great way to expand, because all the colours are very wearable. Even the plummest of plums, reddest of reds, brownest of nudes and pinkest of pinks, are not going to look daunting to wear or turn out too glaring for most people.

I hope this collection stays, just like the Watershine collection. =)

Shoutout: I hope those who bought Revlon Lip Butter try this too!

Overall: Nice Nice! 4.5/5
I told myself not to buy this because I have tonnes of standard colours. I had itchy-hands, tested it at Watsons. Loved how light it feels on my lips, how matching it is for my skin colour (really natural nude), how pigmented it is to cover my dark lip colour. Couldn't help choosing one.

After using it a few times, I realised it is lasting and non-drying.

AND, I repurchased! Not one, but two more. Now I have Red Revival, and Yummy Plummy. =PPP

Have you seen the Maybelline ColourSensational around? Are you interested in trying them? Or have you already bought? What do you think of it?


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Very pretty color! :) I really like browns!

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