Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Colour Up Your Life with Fun Tissue Boxes

Colours have always been a great fascination for the human eye and the human sense of aesthetic. Its importance has grown even more in this day and age of stressful urban life, as seen in the proliferation of multi-coloured products like iPod in 12 colours, HD makeup in a wide spectrum of colours and many more. Likewise, in household items, colours also play a big role in spicing up the monotone routine in a city-dweller's life.

In my personal life, I like to perk things up by adding colour with tiny things here and there, and the tissue box cover is one of them!

I am quite a big user of tissue, so I basically have one box in every room, in fact two boxes in the living room. I just like to have tissue within reach of my hands, wherever I am.

My 5 pretty tissue boxes in the house. 

I bought two new ones when I was in Phuket. I really like their silky tissue box holder. They are all good quality handicrafts that are really worth buying. They come in so many colours too!

The elephant is a sacred national symbol in the Thailand. 

I bought this sky blue one because my SO like blue.

I like the intricate artwork. 

Yellow is supposed to be my lucky colour, so I bought this duck one. It really reminds me of a childhood favourite character, Piyo Piyo!

Bought this from a random store at Eastpoint. But that store has closed down. 

These two were bought from Daiso, and I like how simple they are, in one flat colour. Yellow for my living room, and hot pink to match the rest of the decor in my bedroom.

They have hooks at the back, so you can install hooks on the underside of the table, and slot these underneath, instead of just placing the box on the table and taking up space.

However, these are two short, in that if you buy those value added tissue, with more sheets of tissue, it will not fit in. Only the Watsons one, with 150 sheets can fit.

Daiso boxes.

That's all! How about you? How do you decor your room/house? Do you care about whether your tissue boxes are in these pretty things are just stick with whatever picture the manufacturer prints?

Yours truly,


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