Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Scholl Medi Otto Sleeping Stockings

I saw the ad for this on the magazine about a month ago, and I immediately thought, "hey, I need to get this thing", as I have been battling stubborn fats from past obesity for a good few years now.

According to the magazine article, this sleeping stockings will reduce water retention, and thus achieving the effect of trimming an inch or two off the diameter of your calves.

It also sounds good because I have been doing light strength and cardiovascular training for the past one year, and have recently gained a teeny little bit of calf muscles, and my legs look bulky.

And it so happened that Viva Woman posted about hers a few days ago, showing slight results despite her slim frame. I thought I would likely see better results since I am the target audience (bulkier people like myself who more likely have water retention) stockings like these... ...

That's it. haha, I just had to purchase this on my next trip to Watsons. LOL.

Scholl Medi Otto Sleeping Stockings

Comes in 2 sizes, M and L. Please measure your calves before going out to buy, so you may choose the correct fit. =)

Available: Watsons, $46

Volume: 1 pair

Star Properties: Gradual compression while sleeping, for instantly lighter and slimmer looking legs the next day!

Theory and explanation.

Nothing wrong with it, bright purple and yellow box with lots of instructions. haha, only comment I have is that the shape is strange. Strange as in I thought I would see this stockings packed in transparent plastic, lengthwise, as with standard stockings/leggings/socks. As such, I did not spot this thing on my first attempt to find it! It was only after I read Viva Woman and saw the picture of the box, that I managed to locate this around the Scholl/cracked heels area.

I think the material is really soft and comfortable, and tight, yet not awful tight, and quite a comfort to wear. I like the way Scholl/Otto gives extremely detailed instructions, on where to put your heels, where to put your knees, rather than just leave it to "common sense".

Instructions in both image and text forms. *thumbs up*

Basically, there are patterns on the stockings, where you can see the weaving is of higher density. So you pull the stocking up to where your heels and knees sit nicely into those markings, and the white upper top rubber band part should end about one and half palm or so below the pantyline.

The white top rubber band is a lot looser than the rest of the stocking, so it should really sit quite comfortably and not make you want to roll it down.

I would advise to read the caution and washing instructions too.

Personally, I was prepared to give up wearing should my leg numb off overnight. It is very dangerous to stop blood flow to any part of your body, because it will die off. Imagine frostbite... ... Health is more important than the $46. I guess a brand new pair worn once can still be sold off..

I really didn't expect results at all, so I did not have high hopes, and went to take pictures of my before and after.

But if you trust my posts, my calves lost 1 inch after the first night, 1/2 an inch after the second. Pretty amazing! And I really wish they would make a sleeping stockings for hands/arms too! hahaha, don't you wish? For flabby arms...

Complimentary Effects
Besides slimmer calves, I realize that this stocking will make my metabolism increase during sleep, and I would find myself in a bit of sweat the next morning.

I also find that it improves my bowel movements and digestion, which is good. (I am now eating 1/4 an onion every meal or at least a yoghurt a day, in order to ingest sufficient probiotics. In the past, I totally do not ensure my probiotics intake, and face bloating problems, sometimes smooth, sometimes not smooth bowel movements... very bad.)

You can also replace onions and yoghurt with garlic and artichokes if you prefer.

Rating: 5/5
Gives me instant results as promised!!!

PS: It seems that the effects are not lasting if one is leading a lifestyle that encourages water retention. But I have changed my lifestyle drastically from when I was obese, so I am hoping Scholl Medi Otto will do its job, and I can maintain the results. Also, I would definitely change my lifestyle to be less water-retention-encouraging if I find out what is wrong with me. I do not expect miracles, as in like, I continue with bad habits, and then hope some external device will help me permanently.

Overall, I would like to advise anyone who thinks of buying to assess your medical condition and mentally prepare to give up wearing and therefore wasting the money, should you really feel intolerable level of discomfort during wear.

I would also advise mental preparation to tweek your lifestyle into a more healthy one should you wish to see lasting results. Reason being, no point going to Jean Yip for example, if you continue to eat 5 MacDonald's meal everyday. Yup, so good luck! I hope you get good results like mine!


sesame said...

I'm glad it worked for you. The price is quite steep but it's well worth the money if it works.

Beautyknot said...

Impressive. I should check this out.

jayne8998 said...

What size u using?M or L?

Mars said...

what the heck? you arent chubby or bulky!

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