Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Dr Young 2p Pearl Brightening Balm B.B SPF 35 PA++: Use It For Your Guy!!

I haven't been blogging about BB creams in a long, long while, but recently my interest in it has been reignited by a sample tube I got from a purchase at Sasa. haha.

Also, I recently saw a video from Bubzbeauty on Missha Perfect Cover BB, and have been bombarded on Facebook with posts of Skin 79's... ...

But the thing that pushes me into this post, and the thing that I really want to rave about, is that My BrOtHeR lIkEs BB cream!! :DDD Amazing.

My brother asked me for a solution to his dark eye circles and pimple marks, and I simply passed him this sample from Dr. Young, as I myself have found this to be perfect for concealing. This move proves to be good.

Dr Young 2p Pearl Brightening Balm B.B SPF 35 PA++

Price: I am sorry, I have no idea, as this is a sample, and I did not return to Sasa M'sia to check the price out. Do let me know if you happen to come across it.

Volume: -

Star Properties: Effectively protects your skin from UVB and UVA rays. Contains pearl powder and lends your skin a natural and light feeling.

Dr. Young's BB Cream is on the slightly light side with my NC25-30 yellow undertone skin. I find that I cannot use it alone say, on the eye area, or for spot correction, because the lighter tone will make the cream show up as a visible white circle on my problem area.

I think the coverage is not as good as Dr Jart's or The Face Shop's samples that I posted about. I normally have to use about 2 green bean size of Dr. Young to cover my entire face, and concentrating on the dark eye circles.

I like the way Dr. Young feels on my skin. It's is very, very slightly oily, but not a problem for me, as my Kireihada Sunscreen Milk is far more oily than the BB Cream.

This cream can definitely pass without a mattifying powder. =)

However, I am not exactly satisfied with the finish. I do think that this BB cream cover really really well and gives a little skin shade, as even my brother exclaimed at the difference after applying it! hahaha, and because of this, he asked me for my cream again the next day.

But I prefer a more radiant look, more pinkish with a bit of shimmer, which I think those who use Guerlain Meteorites would understand. So for me personally, I use Nature Republic's Eau de Shine Prism Blossom Powder to give myself that pinkish radiant glow! Totally in love with this powder! I definitely think this is as good as Guerlain Meteorites at a fraction of the price, even though I have not tried Guerlain before... LOL. I mean, if you are looking to cut cost from Guerlain, might just want to pick Nature Republic's powder up.

Rating: 3.8/5
I like Dr. Young's ability to conceal both dark eye circles better than my Bobbi Brown Concealer, and also pimples. However, I must admit that this does not give that radiant look Skin 79's Diamond and Gold Caviar BB Cream can.

Also, Dr. Young requires 2 green bean size, while I managed to stick to one green bean size for Dr. Jart's and The Face Shop's.

I think the greatest rave I want to make is actually that of my brother using BB Cream. haha. Yes, yes, if your guy or any guy friend of yours is asking for a simple solution to look awake, say on a day when there is an important meeting, or interview, pass him your BB Cream!

To me, this really solves all the problems, because guys simply don't want to be using so many things, like first a moisturizer, then a sunscreen, then a primer, then concealer, then foundation, then loose powder. And on top of this, have to own a powder brush, a blending sponge etc... ... Oh my gosh... just way to many steps and feels too girly for a guy to accept the idea of makeup.

My brother was really open and took to BB Cream instantly, when I said, all you do is apply a bit of a tinted moisturizer (he cleanses and moisturizes anyway), then pass him the BB Cream. No stigma at all. =)


sneakylily said...

Great blog! I just brought this BB cream for my friend yesterday, thought i'd let your readers know its RM49 at SASA, currently on discount RM39 (and get that free mini one). Malaysian's are so lucky to have so much cute and cool stuff at SASA and Watsons!
I've been blogging about my experiences coming to Malaysia from Australia, http://sneakylily.blogspot.com

Jyoan said...

sneakylily, thank you for the info! =)

Beautyknot said...

I have this BB cream too but yet to use. You did mention that it has good coverage (as well as the SA), so I guess it should be fine.("v)

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