Wednesday, 26 May 2010

L'oreal Elseve Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz Conditioner *NEW Improved*

I have been rather busy with household chores, did a lot of grocery shopping, cooking, washing, and there is the choked basin for me to settle right now, a couple of shirts to iron, the toilet to clean, and weekly floor mopping to complete. Then there is the gym to go to and swimming. lol.

However, I've not forgotten about this blog, and have not forgotten to wash my hair. hahaha.

I've read a couple of reviews on the L'oreal Elseve Nutri-Gloss range (the pink and green one), but have not yet seen any on the anti-frizz. It feels like I am the only person with frizzy hair problem. :P

L'oreal Elseve Smooth Intense Cream Conditioner *NEW - for Frizzy, Dry and Rebellious Hair

Available: Supermarkets, Pharmacies

Volume: 400ml

Star Properties: Patented Nutrileum + Silk Protein = Anti-Frizz for 48 hours 

Nutrileum + Silk Protein. =) The magical ingredients.

(Pardon my profession obsession as I feel that I need to point out something, there is no such thing as capital 'H' for hours, as printed on the L'oreal bottle. The Standard International unit for hours is just a single small letter 'h'. No such thing as hrs, Hrs, hr, Hr, etc, not even Hours. One either spells out the unit like I did, "hours", or use an 'h'. It has to be in small letter(s).)

I like the way that they stand the conditioner with the dispense hole down, because this makes the bottle more stable, and whatever is inside will stay down by gravity, and close to the dispense hole. I've always had a little bit of packaging problem with L'oreal because their shampoos have rounded caps, and when the shampoo is going low, it's not easy to balance the bottle upside down... ... Plus, the bottle is of rather good quality, so squeezing it is a pain in the hands.

If I do not remember wrongly, the old version is a lot thicker. This new version is more towards liquid than cream, much thinner than your standard conditioner, which can be quite chunky. It flows out readily with a light squeeze. (haha, I accidentally over-dispense yesterday! So much came out, don't know where to apply.)

I am really super satisfied with the results. I think this will make a good choice for those whom Asience doesn't works on. This is my current best conditioner. I remember saying byebye to the older version of the Anti-Frizz range, because as much as it did help my fried hair (from too much rebonding), it did not last me 24 hours till the next wash. But when I discovered Asience, it (especially the Treatment) lasted me 1-2 days. And then Pantene Clinicare came along, and I found Clinicare to be better. Now, I think New L'oreal Anti-Frizz is better than of them! lol.

In any case, L'oreal's hair products have always been pretty effective for many people, with their long history and deep research. =) So kudos to L'oreal for doing it once again!

Rating: 5/5

PS: My bro is quite into hairstyling right now, and I just recommended him the L'oreal Elnett. I need to grab that to review too! hahaha. Seen so many raves, I hope it's not another over-hyped product. So yea, till the next review, see you. =)


Marcs said...

Hello. Thanks for your review.

I just have an issue with your post. You managed to criticize the trivial abbreviation for the word "hours" on the package, saying that you're just using your professional skills, BUT YOU MISSED A LOT OF GRAMMATICAL ERRORS IN THIS POST.

How come???

Anyway, thanks again for your effort to give a review.

Jyoan said...

Hi Marcs,

thank you for spending time to read through my post, notice the errors, and alert me to my mistakes.

I would like to clarify that by "professional skills", I mean from the point of view of Science, that in terms of physical units and quantities, H for hours is wrong.

I know that my English is not fantastic. In fact, I always proclaim my English as lousy. I deeply regret not polishing my language from young. For this, I apologise, had my post sounded jarring on your ears.

I am still in the process of learning and reading regularly. Hopefully, this has answered your question.

Thank you very much for your kind attention.

Positively Nice

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