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I picked this up because I was so attracted to the colours while walking around in Sasa (what a wrong thing to do), and the quality felt so good when I rubbed it with my fingers.


Available: Sasa, $29.90 (U.P), $23.90 (20% disc).

Volume: 1 eyeshadow quad and 1 triple-purpose eye pencil

Star Properties: 4EYES Multi-purpose Eyeshadow Palette + MINI MULTIPLAY Eye Pencil Eyeliner Eyeshadow in 07

The quad and the eye pencil comes in this half-A4 size box housing a made-to-fit clear plastic that holds the palette and pencil in place.

Plastic to hold them in place inside the box.

The box also has very detailed word and real-eyes pictorial instructions printed on the back, which is in stark contrast to the 1-2-3-4 shading instructions on a Majolica Majorca (MJ (magazine acronym)/ MM (forum acronym)) quad of similar pricing.

A part of the instructions. It tells you which quad colour and which side of the sponge-tip applicator to use for which area of the eye.

Precise instructions on the Rock Pop Kit is great for first-timers to makeup. However, it may just be a waste of Earth's resources to make a huge box and use so much plastic, and then make consumers pay for it, since it seems quite clear that the label #1 on an area of the eye means to take Colour #1 and apply there.

Of greater concern, is the quality of the palette plastic itself, since it's the thing that would be kept, used, dropped and at times brought out for travel.

In this case, the black reflective case is most definitely good and solid. However, reflective materials simply means this is a fingerprint and dust magnets, plus non-scratch resistant, which is not too good for bringing out since it would mean higher tendency of dropping and scratching when being packed in the pouch. Nice but not as practical as I'd like things to be.

Very reflective hard plastic that I had problems taking photos of without reflecting my camera, my entire background and myself! haha.

Also, the shadow cakes are covered with a big piece of plastic, which can be kept to prevent shadow dust from falling over and sticking to the mirror on the other side.

Plastic to cover the shadows. And I just adore palettes with mirrors and applicators. *hearts*

As for the pencil, it's great that it comes capped in clear plastic so one can see the colour from outside. Not too sure if the cap will crack in time to come though. Big risk.

The cap can be seen in the previous picture. Here, it's the pencil close-up. =)

Sponge-tip Applicator
Like most drugstore palettes, this comes with a double-sided applicator that is black in colour to match. What I like about it, is the one-side-big, one-side-small sponge, like MJ's, so I can actually use the smaller side to line the lower lids properly without twisting my hand anyhow. (I have to apply shadow to my lower lids by holding the large sponge tip upside down, applying from the top down, instead of holding it right way up like one would naturally do for the upper lids.)

One-side-big, one-side-small sponge tip applicator. It even has PUPA embossed on the handle.

I still cannot understand why high end palettes almost never comes with these applicators. I am guessing that applicators brush applicators are not as good as proper shadow brushes that counter brands do usually produce on their own. So having a sponge tip applicator would sort of degrade the way shadow goes on and give people the illusion that their shadow is really not as good as expected.

Colour Payoff and Pigmentation
As mentioned, PUPA's shadows are pigmented. They are easily picked up with one rub of the applicator, go on the lids really well, and show up in the exact colour printed on the box. This is what made me pay for it, which is why there must be testers at all makeup counters. =)

PS: I realise that this section is normally the shortest but with the most pictures. =) A picture says a thousand words!

First colour I used was the orange on the top right.

I already had Birds & Berries (M.A.C) on the outer half of my lids. So that orange went onto the inner half.

Second colour I tried was the off-yellow at the bottom right.

Patted that in the middle of Birds & Berries and the orange.

I was surprised that the colours from PUPA mixes so well!!! Look at that rainbow effect it gave. I never thought this would happen. The yellow made Birds & Berries turned green, and the orange (probably with reddish undertones) turned into an even lighter orange. Quite amazing since I've never experienced colour mixing in makeup, as if I were playing with water colours in my childhood. Ah, the delights of makeup. Felt like a child.

Third colour used was the beige in the bottom left.

I put that beige on the inner corners of my eyes. It's very slight here. But notice that teeny bit of orangey beige? =)

I have no idea how this works other than being an eyebrow pencil. But I love the way it goes on as an eyebrow pencil! I especially love the colours, that looks something like what I'd like to call a mauve brown. It's really natural, yet unconventional. I am starting to think that black eyebrows are too strong and unnatural for me, partly taking into account my currently dyed hair.

Brow lining.

I love the shade of this brown. It's somewhere between the brown-brown from my Rhomlon pencil, and the reddish-brown, also from my Rhomlon pencil. So it's not too dark, not too light. The reddish-brown from Rhomlon is a tad too light for my skin and hair colour, and for a sunny island ethnic Chinese.

I will try to use this as a kohl eyeliner and eyeshadow someday, and then review it again.

Repurchase & Recommend
Yes, I am willing to get another of these quads or just purchase an eye shadow single from PUPA Milano, and I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for something better than drugstore quality, and therefore willing to shell out just a bit more for a great quad with great colours, without busting the bank on something that is $80+ or more. This sum would buy me all 4 of the PUPA Milano 4EYES collection.

Rating: 5/5
So tempted to check out the other quad colour combis now. *takes deep breath*


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