Saturday, 3 April 2010

Of eyelash curlers: Chapter 1 - Talika Mini Curler

I saw that news of Shu Uemura pulling out all counters in the U.S while doing my daily blog reads the night before last. But I guess, right now, it's not news already. It came as a little of a shock for me, since I believe that no Asian who has ever touched makeup can fail to know the name, Shu Uemura. A much coveted brand here falling out of arguably the world's largest consumer market, big news in the beauty world by any measure.

Honestly, the only Shu item I have is the eyelash curler, and recently, the mini eyelash curler. I have never been attracted to anything Shu. I may not ever understand the hype about it. What with the false eyelashes counters, the cleansing oil, the brow pencil, mousse etc, and etc.

I hear lots of bad things about the cleansing oil and curler. In addition, I myself am less than impressed with the curler.

However, I do like the over-the-top falsies, but they can only be used for proms. They have the absolute best dramatic falsies.

So because of how much I dislike the Shu curler, which is my first, I have been hunting high and low for a new, good Holy Grail curler. That brings me to my topic for today, the Talika Mini Curler.

I know it's a long story. But this whole eyelash curler story is going to be even longer, because I have choked up something like close to 10 curlers in a matter of 1 month, from drugstore to counter brands, and I am going to review them one by one, all compared against the world's all-time favourite - Shu Uemura's.

(If you ask me, I will brutally tell you that Shu's curler is over-hyped. It is definitely good in its own way, but best of all??? Sorry, it's outdated. The most interesting part is that I found excellent dupes of Shu along the way at 1/3 the price. The cleansing oil is outdated as well. Of course, I will put out my reasons why as I do the reviews, so just hope for your patience to read. Thanks loads!)

Talika Mini Eyelash Curler

Available: Sephora $20

Volume: About 5cm by 4cm

Star Properties: It's mini.

The packaging is of course, amazing. It's a counter brand afterall, with its star product, the eyelash serum costing around $110.

It comes in a cylindrical plastic container, that has a foam base and top to hold the curler in a standing upright position in the box.

Cylindrical fitting plastic container.

Foam with fitting indents to hold curler upright in container.

There is also the circular piece of paper with amazing blue eyes printed on it, and light blue rims around the top and bottom of the container, that signifies the brand of Talika.

The blue eyes.

Curler Material
The silver colour makes it looks like metal, and seems a little scary to me at first. But upon feeling it, you will know immediately that it is actually a sort of plastic. So, a bit disappointing, as I just feel that plastic curlers are not so strong.

Silver curler that looks like metal but feels like plastic.

Working the Curler
There is a pictorial instruction that tells you to flip down the flap at the back, and squeeze it, with your thumb in the indent on the front of curler, where the Talika word is, and your other fingers on the flap. Just press them together, and the curling rubber will move up towards the sharp curve, like every other manual curler does upon squeezing.

Pictorial instruction.

So it's actually pretty good that there is some sort of instruction, because I was lost as to how I can push that rubber up, until I checked the instruction.

I am pressing and holding the flap and body together to close the gap between the rubber pad and sharp top of curler.

Curling Mechanism
This is probably the lousiest curling mechanism I've ever come across in my curler search!! It's so flimsy, I get those click click sound when I squeeze the curler! Gosh! Can just cry when you hear that crickety rickety sound coming from a branded curler. Flimsy.

If there is anything I've learned during my search, it's to get a TIGHT curler. That said, it means that spring curlers (provided the spring is good), already beat traditional non-spring curlers, such as Shu Uemura, at the base line. When there is a spring, the curler is immediately a notch above the rest. So look out for spring curlers. (This is the first reason why I say Shu should do an update on their beauty research and development. Manual curlers just wouldn't do anymore.)

Yup, you really need to feel resistance when pushing the rubber pad, to get some strength on your eyelashes.

Curling Effect
Zero. Nilch. Non-existent. I am that harsh, because I am so horribly disappointed. This is my first time using these mini curlers (I've always thought these will not be any good, so I resisted the temptation to buy, though there are soooooo many similar models at Sasa), and it has just confirmed my thought that mini and plastic curlers do not work. =((((

Using the curler.

I saw a video of someone using no-brand plastic curler that squeezes in this same motion, and she says it works. So I'd thought I would give a chance to these models.

Now I guess, I've learned that traditional designs of those metal ones still work better.

I didn't even bother taking before and after pictures, because I've tried it a dozen times now, and there is no effect. *faints* At times like these, you just want to throw the product out of the window.

Rating: 0/5
Absolute fail product that does not fulfil its basic function. I don't even feel like giving away this thing, because it serves no purpose. I don't want to throw my junk at people, and then have them comment that my junk is really junk.

Really apologise if you find me too fierce in this post, I just wanted to be honest. So disappointed in this product. More disappointed than when I used Shu's mini curler. T.T

PS: By the way, I have all-new copies of Female and HerWorld magazine for April, still in their plastic. My HerWorld mag has the Kose Sekkisei Foundation tiny trial pack that you see at newstands, and there is an Asience sample inside if I remember correctly. I am willing to send these out in the plastic, if anybody wants to read. I think these are good reading material, and I feel uneasy seeing more than $10 lying wasted in my house everyday. So if you want, please comment or email me. Not sure if anyone will respond, but if you do, please only choose one mag, on a first come first serve basis. Thanks a lot! =)


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