Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Beauty Talk Whitening Mask

Let's take a break from eyes and makeup. haha. I think those who have been reading my blog would know that my skin is very intolerant of all sorts of stuff, from makeup, skincare to food, grass, dirt, blah, blah, blah. So yes, the pass few days of playing with all the looks has put a toll on my face.

Having 3 new pimples now, and rather large ones at that.

My (pimple) tip: Use calamine lotion, which can be bought cheaply (ICM brand) from pharmacies like Unity Healthcare, shake the bottle, squeeze some droplets out and gently tap with a finger onto the pimple. It should dry overnight, if not in 3 days.

Then apply anything with some sort of healing properties, like ACNES Sealing Gel which contains Vitamin E, by gently patting over the calamine lotion pimple. (Actually it's the same to me if you do this step first.)

So while nursing my pimples down, I also decided to pamper my skin a bit. Pick the Beauty Talk Whitening mask up from Sasa at $1.95, purchase with purchse (PWP), because I found it quite reasonable since Beauty Talk is good Taiwanese skincare brand, whose most famous product is the OxyMask (which I find to expensive and not quite needed for my skin right now).

Beauty Talk Whitening Mask

Available: Sasa $1.95 PWP

Volume: 1 sheet

Star Properties: Contains hyaluronic acid.

Ingredients and wordy description:

For those who want to know. =)

You see, really wordy. lol. Oh, it's made in Taiwan. =) I think the special precautions part is good though. People do need this sort of reminder at times.

It comes in a cardboard that wraps each packet, and the packet holds the mask. Kind of high end for a mask, because they normally only come in boxes if you buy more, like My Beauty Diary masks. Generally, Silk Whitia, Nature Republic, SkinVitals etc, are all sold in the plastic packet.

The cardboard packet. So you just remove the transparent sticker, and pull the flap open, and out comes the silver plastic packet. Yes, it's well sealed. =)

A bit Earth-unfriendly for me.

The silver packet! Super pretty right? Very classy feel that reflects the pricing of its OxyMask. But honestly, it's still a one-use-throw-away.

Water, water, water
The first thing that I noticed about this is definitely the overflowing amount of essence on the mask. It was dripping on my lap while I attempted to place it on my face. haha. Had to be quick!

Apparently, there was some 50-cent amount of essence left in the packet after I completed my mask. And it was enough to spread all over my neck, the full length of both my arms, and some on my legs.

So if you're an essence person, this is good.

I like the fragrance. Not the first time I am saying this, but I just like any product with some sort of pleasant smell, be it natural or not, best is natural of course. Unfortunately, I can't put my finger on this scent, so am unable to describe it to you. It's just nice. haha.

MF Foaming Cleanser, La Source Hand Therapy, Pure Beauty Pomengranate, Yes To Cucumbers Hydrating Lotion, are just a few of the skincare that comes with fragrances which suits my taste. =)))

Mask Sheet
The mask sheet is cut excellently! I am reminded of the Nature Republic one with Rain's picture. In fact, I would say, Beauty Talk's is better!

Best fit mask sheet.

If you look carefully, you will see the two "tick-shaped" cuts down both sides of the mouth portion. That is just amazing. These two lines are probably the main ones that contribute to a universal face fit. Not to mention the cuts at the cheek hollows (towards the jawline), the tiny one right in the middle of the forehead part, and most important for comfort, the one at the nose.

Plus, this mask has the bonus of eye piece! I like it this way, because it shades out the lights and makes me feel like sleeping. Good for forcing yourself to take a break.

Furthermore, it is an oval instead of the standard roundish ones I normally get. The Beauty Talk is definitely something I have not seen before.

Up till now, I already feel the $1.95 is well spent.

I don't really want to comment on whitening, because whitening/brightening is really not something I feel will show on one try. I just don't think it's possible based on current science and technology. If you do get a product like that, I think it's poison, like Michael Jackson's medicine.

However, for moisturizing and softening, this is a dream. I don't know how it compares to Silk Whitia (which is everybody's Sasa Moisturizing mask favourite), because I haven't had the time to test mine yet. But Beauty Talk is really good! If you do stock up on masks, this is definitely one to stock up on, since it is on PWP right now. (Thank goodness I have enough masks to stop me from stocking this.)

My Tip: Effective sheet masks are expensive (min. $1.30 for 1 use with My Beauty Diary). So if you are doing mask 3 times a week, like me, substitute the other two times with wash-off gels or overnight mask etc. Basically, just something that comes in a big tub or tube, so your masking costs gets spread out nicely. A good investment will last well over a year (can probably use till it changes colour and smells).
PS: The most ridiculous news I've read about masking is Celeste Chong using 3 masks 3 days in a row. She has the money, okay. But it's still wasting by doing consecutive masking. Biologically, skin cannot absorb that much nutrients. She is rather lucky that she doesn't breaks out. (Maybe her skin is very in need though, since she's a celebrity, with bright lights and cosmetics, very, very bad.) But it is well to note that most normal people who follow her routine would experience an overdose, nutrients become poison.

Silk Whitias are expensive, so wait for promo for that too. haha, Sasa is good. Lots of affordable yet really, really good things. (I've tried SK II eye mask before, and it's very normal, so yeah, you get what I mean when I say value for money and affordable mask.)

I only felt this mask turning dry after more than 1 hour. I was so tired I manage to sleep with it until the sheet felt tight on my skin. So yes, once again, lots of essence.

I only notice this after I took it off, but the sheet is more like a cloth rather than paper. It's a really nice soft fabric thing, which I feel like keeping! LOL. Feels like a waste to throw some quality stuff away. (Yes, I threw it anyhow. Don't want my mum scolding for hoarding rubbish again.)

Oval shape, oval shape! So now I know my face is actually oval when in 2D, like the Earth (map).

Yup, that's all. I threw it, no more other observations made. =)

Rating: 5/5
I will definitely go back to this when I wheedle down my stocks and if I want intense moisturizing.


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