Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Nail Polish in FRD303 by Nature Republic

I just painted my nails, and this is soooo good, I decided I have to blog about it immediately.

Nail Polish in FRD303 by Nature Republic

My pretty PERFECT Rose Shimmer Nails using FRD303.

Available: Nature Republic, $5.50 iirc

Volume: Not indicated

Star Properties: Has those silver shimmers swirled inside the bottle, as seen in picture.

As seen, it's this cute rounded pyramid bottle, with matte black cap, topped by the cute circular thing on top. It's a signature of Nature Republic's containers, just like the one you see on the Eau de Shine loose powder here.

I think it's so cute. hahaha. I almost bought the lipglosses just because of that circular head.

Really soft, with the right amount of resistance, so you don't press too hard on the nails during application.

The amount of liquid picked up is slightly over, in my opinion. Because even for my middle finger, which has larger nail bed, it was about to flow over to my skin. Of course, this is not a great big problem, since all I had to do was swipe it a second time against the side of the bottle, instead of just once.

The brush shape is one of the best, other than OPI. It's so OPI! It always fits the base nail line, so you can feel your base cuticles, and not apply over to the skin. Maybe it's because I watched MissChievous, and am really taking care to leave a teeny gap between the paint and base line, so this time, it doesn't flows over! I think MissChievous's method works.

The brush size is slightly narrow though. It can't do the 3-strokes method as well as OPI. But because of the VERY very good quality paint, I can still complete my nails with zero streaks with 4, 5 and many many more touch up strokes! Brush being narrow is absolutely not a problem at all.

The paint is amazingly thick, yet produces the most sheer look, constituting a perfect rose shimmer glow. In my opinion, it's not easy to achieve rose shimmer. Many lipsticks and glosses have this shade, but not all are good. It's the soft, subtle kind of reddish pink, that it oh-so-sweet, never-offending. Be it lipglosses, clothes colour, bag colour, or nail colour, rose shimmer is just fool-proof for every occasion.

Thick means that I can't see my nails after just 1 coat. But the thing that truly amazes me is how Nature Republic's formula manages to be so light (meaning non-streak producing), while having such a heavy colouration.

Comparing this with Rimmel, my current other favourite, Rimmel is a lot thicker in consistency. However, the just-nice drying rate of Rimmel's polish allows it to settle and flow outwards before streaks form.

Nature Republic's is the kind that is so light that no matter how much you apply, it flows all over to cover up the tracks, so that streaks do not form. Kind of like Sally Hansen Diamond Strength, which is way way to light though. Diamond Strength also doesn't has the magic of producing heavy colouration while being flowy.

Second Coating
I still decided to apply second coating anyway. But I really find no need for it, since there are no streaks to smoothe out, and no see-through nails to cover up.

Yet another thing that amazes me is that when I apply second coating, it automatically doesn't thicken too much.

I think it's the liquid formula. Cos it seems that the second coating will not adhere too much to a dry coat of itself. Thus, not much paint will go on, just enough to cover whatever you think needs to be covered, but it wouldn't pile on.

This property is really good, cos the thicker your nail coat is, the harder it is to dry, and the more prone to lines cutting into your nail polish even when dried. This means peeling, chipping... ...

Fast Dry
Extremely fast dry formula. You probably can apply the second coat to the first finger, once you finish the 5th. Super good! No fingernail marks when I press on it. Comparatively, Rimmel still gives mild fingernail marks. (And just to update, Rimmel chips badly if you don't apply top coat.)

Compatibility with Top Coat
I think it's probably the acetate content in my top coat. But some nail polishes really do not agree with my O2 Skin Top Coat, such that when I apply top coat, I end up making it watery ALL over again! =(( This means that the original colour will be messed up, and streaks may form. I am so glad that Nature Republic does.

Overall Rating: 100/100
I intend to downgrade Rimmel due to the easy chipping and non-100% after 24 hours, thus allowing fingerprints to print on. However, I still love Rimmel for the brush, how nice the colour is, and how easy it is to do 1-2-3 method.

Recommendation: Do get Nature Republic if you are looking for shimmers. Probably the best around for its price. (yay! Yet another thing to add to my HG, and my list of super value-for-money products.)

My Opinion: It's really time to change ship and say bye bye to TFS nail polishes. It's horrible, imo. Not against TFS, I have their member card too. But I have never understood why people keep going for the polishes. I know it's soooo cheap, but Nature Republic's ones are at exactly the same pricing too. I have not bought a single bottle after testing. I think they dry too fast.

By the way:
Inititally, when the sales assistant, Angela told me this bottle is $5.50, and the other range is only $1.90 I think, I was shocked. She said is because of the silver shimmers in this range. I thought it's a bit expensive due to the big price difference. But now, everything is really worth it. =) Can always wait till they have discounts to stock up the nail polishes. I bought this during last month's discount.


prettybeautiful.net said...

love the color! I love shimmery nail polish, it automatically makes application alot easier and looking perfect.

Jyoan said...

yes, no need to put gloss any more if it's non-chip. =)

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